The quickest, smartest way to grow the business of your dreams!

If you've been thinking about starting a business.
Now is the perfect time to GROW WHAT YOU KNOW!

8 Week Course Starts on June 23 !

You can change your life when you Grow What You Know!

 Maybe you have been thinking about starting a business for some time.
Or, perhaps, you have started a business but all you are getting is crickets!
Maybe someone has encouraged you to think about growing an income stream from something you do well.
There really is NO BETTER TIME to become a business owner. 
With so many digital possibilities to reach your buyers,the world is your oyster.

But it's hard to know what to do and how to get started.
Sometimes you start and it becomes so overwhelming you just can't get to the next step.

Maybe you feel like you won't have much support when it comes to starting your business.
Or perhaps, you are afraid of what starting a business might cost you.

Did you ever just wish someone would give you a roadmap  until your business was up and running and making the money you wanted to always make?

If you are working you might feel like you never will have the time to get the business off the ground.

The idea might be there but the steps, accountability and assistance you need feel out of reach.

I promise you no matter how afraid, overwhelmed or confused you are about starting your own business, after GROW WHAT YOU KNOW, you will have the business of your dreams operating in just EIGHT WEEKS!!

Whether you just want to grow a side hustle or replace your current income, whether you want to earn some extra money or become a dynasty, you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a business owner.

This is not just another  support group cheering you on or another course you will be excited about while taking it but then lose your motivation and do nothing with when it's over.

You will have clients and customers ready to pay you on or before your 8 weeks are up!

You will be able to start earning income in 8 weeks or less immediately!


Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn and How You Will Learn It

What You'll Learn

  • The Absolute Essentials for Starting a Business
  • How to Identify the Best Idea to Grow a Business Around
  • The Four Critical Areas that Must Be Addressed for Your Business to Be Successful
  • How You Become the Expert in Your Field
  • Crafting a Clear Message
  • How to Deliver a Perfect Sales Pitch
  • How and Where to Find and Market to YOUR Perfect Customer/Client
  • Creating YOUR Irresistable Offer
  • Pricing and Packaging  Your Offer
  • Closing the Sale Without Stress
  • How to Handle Buyers on the Fence
  • How to Make Competition Your Friend
  • Different Ways to Build Brand Recognition
  • Keeping Customers and Clients for Life, Strategies for Ongoing Growth


  • Each week you will receive a live  group training session on a particular topic (60-90 minutes long).
  • Assignments will be specific to that topic and will include a variety of medium.
  • Each week a LIVE Question/Answer session will address any questions you may have specific to growing your business
  • All activities will be recorded so if you are unable to attend a live training you will still be able to access all the information at a time convenient for you.
  • Even if you are currently employed part or full time, assignments are reasonable and should be able to be completed within a week.
  • You will have a  business that can generate income following completion of all activities.
  • Each participant will also have one PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSION with Kathy before completing the course.


 "Kathy really knows how to make growing a business something you can do.
I procrastinated for years and after taking the "Grow What You Know" course, had my first client BEFORE I finished the course."

Fawn Lewis
Sugar Mommy CEO

 " Grow What You Know" helped me ease my fears and anxieties about getting my business off the ground. Kathy really over-delivered and was committed to making sure I was successful."

Ahman LePore
Essential Financial Service Ltd.

"When my job disappeared during COVID, I panicked but after working with Kathy I was able to create a business that not only brought income in, but allowed me to stay home with my children. Don't over-think it,Kathy will help you start a successful business  from Day 1!"

Suzanna Bickham
The Designery Studio

 "Kathy is simply a wealth of knowledge and provides amazing business resources. I am forever grateful to her for her services and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to launch their own business."

Amy Molley
Owner Sensible Sensory Spaces

More Love from People Who Have Worked with Me!

"Kathy is so dedicated to helping her clients succeed. I felt like I could start a successful business after my first session with her. She knows the fears of new entrepreneurs and helps you overcome all your worries to create the business of your dreams."  Donna Phillips.

"I started a business two years ago that really never took off, after working with Kathy, I fixed all the things I didn't do right the first time and was thrilled to get clients calling me as soon as I implemented some of her strategies. She is a godsend." 
Tara Fassinger

"People always told me I could make money with my hobby, but Kathy actually helped me develop the steps to grow my business so successfully, I was able to quit my job much sooner than I anticipated."  Jenn Schuyler

   "Don't think you can do it yourself, because I guarantee you won't be where you want to be in 8 weeks. Grow What You Know changed my life and if I can do this anyone can! I worked with Kathy when I had a seven month old and before my daughter turned 1, I was making the income of  my dreams doing something I loved doing. Kathy is the absolute BEST."  Kelly Lee Wyland

" I was 54 when I started my own business. Never would have done this without Kathy's help. My friend recommended I talk with her and once we connected, I never looked back. Kathy is so invested in her clients she will stop at nothing to help you be successful." Roberta Fowler

"I wasted several years of starting and stopping a side hustle and then worked with Kathy and it was magical!Everything seemed easier and finally made sense. Best decision I ever made!" Eve Logan

"Kathy has strategies and techniques to help you grow a business successfully from the start. She was so helpful in giving me every tool I needed to open my business and get my first client within days!" Sarah Newhope

" I needed to create an additional income stream to help offset medical bills. I learned how to ramp up my idea quickly and made over $16 K in two months while still working full time. Grow What You Know made all the difference in helping me finally get something started."
Everett Wilson

" I have taken several other workshops and courses about business development but Kathy put everything together like a recipe; a recipe for success. I was amazed by how quickly I could get up to speed to start the business I really wanted to start." Michael Hlasnik

"Stop wasting time with everything else. If you are serious about starting a business, just do this. I promise you there will be no regrets, except that you didn't work with Kathy sooner."
Barbara Vaughn

" Kathy is the reason, I could hand in my letter of resignation and kiss my old job good-bye. I cannot recommend this opportunity enough!"JoAnna Kitzmiller

"Best investment I ever made once I decided to start my own business." Barbie Hanson


While some assignments will take a bit longer than others, you should be able to complete all the necessary course work within 3-4 hours weekly on your own time.

ALL the instruction and O& A's will be recorded for you to listen to on your own time.

Each session will have its own activity lessons which can be downloaded and kept for your reference indefinitely.

There is a great deal of accountability built into this course and because of the limited number of participants I get to know about your particular business idea and address your specific needs consistently.

Like baking a cake, starting a business requires a recipe for success. When you skip over any of the ingredients, you miss a chance to create a truly thriving business. Grow What You Know gives you a complete roadmap to success. If you commit to doing the work, you will have a business that is making income.

This course is especially for people looking to start a business however if you have a business that is simply not growing, you will learn specific techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately to take your business to the next level. Several participants had already started a business that wasn't really growing and were able to make that business successful following this course.

I only take a limited number of participants. This gives me an opportunity to learn about what each person really wants to do and what their strengths and weaknesses may be. I provide regular support but there is also a support group off of social media so people can feel comfortable communicating with whom they feel without the lack of intimacy and personalization a social media group can't offer.
Every lesson is geared to specific business growth but also to individual growth as a new business owner.
I've started two 6-7 figure businesses so I have the expertise to get you started on the best foundation.

Training, Coaching and Accountability!

 I offer this training to a limited number of participants to       make sure everyone gets exactly what they need to build the  business of their dreams.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I  WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!

 You will get over 20 hours of live coaching and assistance!
 This is the most intensive and complete Group Training I offer      Entrepreneurs

(ends soon!)
Don't Miss This Opportunity to Have an Income Stream in 8 Weeks!


  • Learn what you will legally need to do to start your business
  • Determine the best idea to create your business around
  • Craft a clear message for selling what you offer
  • Identify the best way to form lasting relationships within your market
  • Learn how to be always top of mind to your market
  • Create pricing that brings in the smartest profit for your business
  • Develop lasting strategies for growing a thriving business
  • Learn successful ways to deal with lack of support from those you need in your corner
  • Minimize your business risk from Day 1
  • Learn how to failproof your business
  • Identify where your buyers are and how to keep them coming back for more
  • Create a specific plan to replace your current income doing what you love to do.
  • The best passive income streams to take your business to a new level


Creeate the Business of Your Dreams in 8 WEEKS!

 Course Begins June 23 ,2022


  • Weekly Live Training and Weekly Live Q & A
  • Support Group (off Social Media)
  • Email Support
  • Individualized Coaching for Each Participant
  • Recorded Trainings and Q & A'S
  • Over 20 Hours of Coaching and Training*  
  • * Actual value of this training  if purchased outside of this program is over $2200!