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I’m just a small town girl who decided that trying to work for someone else while raising three children was not for me.

I didn’t want to miss their childhood, but needed to bring in a paycheck. I had a salaried job but just wasn’t happy with the hours, the amount of work I had to do for a paycheck that wasn’t necessarily stellar and with the mounds of paperwork I was always required to do.

So, I decided I would become my own boss and started a private therapy practice. It was scary, sometimes overwhelming and considerably harder than I envisioned but within two months of hanging out my shingle, I left my job and worked only at my business…for 20 years.

Being a business owner afforded me flexible time, the chance to choose how, where and who I worked with and grew into a nice little 6 figure business.

But, it also was a steep learning curve. Even while it was growing, there was so much to learn and so many responsibilities and there always was a fire to put out; legal fires, funding fires, insurance fires, employee fires, rental space fires, system fires.

Honestly, in that 20 years I had more practice fighting business fires than I ever dreamed, yet I would not have gone back to being an employee for the world!

When we relocated, I thought about what I really did best and I realized I knew exactly how to run a business so much more effectively than I did when I started my first business.

Being in the trenches was a great learning experience, but so was learning more from some of the best masters in the field. I wanted to show someone else how to move from a job that sucked all the life out of them to one they really enjoyed.

I wanted to help new mothers, burned out professionals, retirees and people simply disillusioned with the work they did, find a way to make their income doing what they loved.

Whether your looking to add a side income or become the boss of a thriving company, I know what it takes to move from just a job to really doing what you were meant to do.

You know you have been thinking about making the move for a long time

So let’s do this. Let’s find the work you were meant to do.

Let’s give you back your choices about what kind of income you earn, how and where you work and who you work with.

I was where you are once. Moving from Day Job to Dream Work is not only possible, it’s life changing.

You will spend more than half of your life working. Why not do what you love?

I’ve built two 6 figure income businesses, one the hard way and one after I learned how to really make a business work!!

I’d like to shorten that learning curve for you. I’d like to give you back the life you could have when you earn your income doing what you were meant to do.


You can. I know. I did.



If you think working for some other person’s dream is ideal or capping your salary is the perfect way to create your future then I’m probably not the person for you, but if you are REALLY ready to say good-bye to burn-out and hello to the career you design and if you are TRULY serious about doing something different with your life, something you always wanted but never believed you could have, then we are a perfect fit!

And I will guarantee it!

We spend a great deal of our life working, why not be paid for what you REALLY LOVE TO DO?

Oh, and if you wondered if I might be the right person for you, check out what others have to say.