Kathy Brunner
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Hi There!  I'm Kathy and I am so glad you are here!

I coach  people who want to leave day jobs to grow the job of their dreams and I work with established business owners to build better businesses. I love what I do but there was a time in my life when I wanted to ditch my job and do something else.

When I became an entrepreneur everything changed. I knew I never wanted to go back to  having to be "employed" by someone ever again.

I love the freedom and flexibility entrepreneurship has given me.

But I often felt like I was learning the art of being an entrepreneur by the seat of my pants. The learning curve was steep and although my business was very successful it also was very stressful.

That was my experience when I launched my first business.
Success came at the expense of fatigue, anxiety and lots of long hours.

Then I learned how to to scale a business faster and more efficiently and it made all the difference.

You will be wearing many hats in your business and you need to be comfortable in all of them!

I started my coaching business over 10 years ago and before I started I worked with some of the best coaches in the industry so I was able to grow my business much quicker and with much less stress!

Coaching entrepreneurs is my passion!

I know once you work with a coach who gives you the tools and strategies specific for your business it will absolutely be the best investment you can ever  make in your business.

I know I can help you be wildly successful and truly grow the business of your dreams.

I believe as your coach, we're in this together, so check out the Memberships or how to Work With Me and LET'S DO THIS!

And, don't forget to sign up for your Complimentary Consult!


When people want to really hone their skills and get better at something, they call in a coach. Elite athletes, Professional Actors and Singers all realize the value of having someone with expertise get you to a level you want to be. Coaching can help you learn skills more quickly and perfect those skills to see the results you want to see.

During your complimentary call we can discuss whether taking a specific program or individual coaching is right for you. Sometimes coaching is not recommended but perhaps connecting with another professional such as accountant, lawyer or designer would be in your best interest. Programs/Courses do include some individual coaching as well. Programs/Courses are offered at all times. Some coaching is offered within a Membership.

If you commit to doing the "work" you should expect to see the results you requested. While I can't guarantee everyone will achieve a 6 or 7 figure income, I can assure you that you will be far better equipped to have a thriving business and make more money than you might ever have been able to achieve without coaching.  I look at coaching as a WIN/WIN proposition. The better I can help you grow a thriving business, the more my own business thrives.

Everyone is different but I generally recommend purchasing coaching in the units you will need to reach a goal. That way you can accomplish the goal before you decide if you need to purchase additional units. Sometimes people work with me periodically and others choose to work with me for a more intense period

 A good coach should have walked the path you want to walk. I started my first business while raising three young children so I understand what it is like to need flexibility. I also have had several coaches and I didn't learn more from coaches who were more expensive but rather from coaches who worked with me to achieve an outcome I wanted.  I don't want my clients throwing money away learning things that are "fluff" or not really essential for achieving their goals.
I am invested in your success from the minute you invest in me!

 The Grow What You Know Membership is for someone with an idea or passion who wants to learn how to turn it into an income stream. The membership includes activities, strategies, live training and coaching. This membership only opens a few times annually.

 My Business Concierge is for anyone running a business who needs some help in growing their business, advice for problems that arise or just wants some tips of helping their business run more smoothly! This is a great community that offers training, Q&A, live coaching and support to business owners. If you have been an entrepreneur for at least a year, you can join My Business Concierge at any time. It's an amazing investment for business owners. Like having their own coach at their fingertips!

You can learn about the Memberships by clicking on the tab on top of this page!