All you need for your next chapter

Maybe you have been thinking it is time to do something different than your current job.

Maybe you aren't ready to retire but want to control when you work and how you work.

Or maybe you want to create an income stream that will be there for you when you need it.

You have skills but are not sure how to turn them into a lucrative income.

You have experience but need to know how to transfer it into  work you enjoy doing.

You're ready to try something new.
You want more control of your time.

You want a balance of fulfillment and free time

You're not sure what to do first, how to connect the dots between what you know and what you want to create

Jumping from employee to business owner sounds scary, overwhelming and  maybe even a bit crazy!

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

What if there was a step by step recipe to making money as an encorepreneur
without the stress, frustration, anxiety, or fear of learning it all on your own?

Time for you to call the shots!

Here's What You Will Learn in  Encorepreneur Bootcamp

  • How to Pick the Best Idea to Grow A Business Around
  • What Kind of Business Works for You!
  • Mastering the Mindset for Success
  • Creating a Niche to Grow Your Income
  • Mastering the Right Social Media for Your Business
  • How to Become the Expert at What You Do
  • The Step by Step Actions You Need to Launch a Successful Business
  • The Simple Secrets of Marketing and Closing the Sale
  • Setting the Right Price for Your Offer
  • How to Create Passive Income Streams for Your Business
  • How to Failproof a Business
  • Launching a Successful Next Chapter.
  • Moving from Hobby to Business
  • What Successful Entrepreneurs Learned That Made all the Difference 

Is This Course Right For You?

If you're worried about what it will cost to go into business or if you truly can be successful...

If  you are anxious about leaving employment and having enough time to take this leap...

If you're feeling overwhelmed about how to start everything and make sure you can be successful...

If you wonder how you can juggle your current employment and start something new...

If you're worried it will take too much revenue to start a business...

If you'e stuck doing what you're doing but have no idea how to jump start a new way to earn income...


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is built for people who are already working and I understand there is only so much available time. If you can spend 2-3 hours each week between the training units and taking your action steps, you will be able to successfully complete this course to launch your business.
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You will receive 1-2 trainings/weekly for 7 weeks. You will have access to the training as long as you have purchased the course and there will be a Q and A every week at different times which also will be recorded in the event you are unable to attend. As mentioned above, training should not take longer than 2-3 hours total between the course training and taking action steps.

I've launched two 6+ figure businesses and I know what it takes to move from a day job to becoming your own boss. It's more difficult for seasoned professionals who have stayed in a career to move into something new. There is a learning curve that seems overwhelming and it can be daunting to learn what to have in place effectively to launch a business successful from the get go. I've been there and know what you need to do to make your business failproof.

We will work on taking your ideas or interests and looking at your skills and expertise to create several scenarios for a business for you and then show you how to step by step launch it.

Absolutely! One of the biggest reasons businesses stay at the "hobby" stage or never earning substantial income, is that there was never a systematic plan on how to grow the business effectively from the start. Without the right strategies you may just be spinning your wheels ineffectively

Bootcamp begins the week of October 9 .So, you will have a business up and running before the year is out! Everything will be downloaded and live sessions recorded so you will have access to them at your leisure.

On the Fence about the Course?  
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