What's the Big Idea...Getting to Ah Ha!

Discover Your Income Growing Idea

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A step-by-step way to help you discover the idea that can grow your income! Learn the best way to find and grow your BIG IDEA and develop your Ah Ha!

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"Kathy is so intuitive and sharp. She helped us take our haphazard musings and turn them into a business that grossed 6 figures within 4 months!"  Paula Cox and Mia Lopez

"I was all over the place with ideas and then Kathy showed me how to narrow down my thoughts to be more specific. Learning this changed the entire focus for how fast my business grew."  Blake Paljevcik

"I turned to Kathy for coaching when I was struggling to have my business take off. She helped me turn it around in no time and showed me how to sustain its growth without the stress and anxiety I was experiencing on my own."  Michael Scalise

" I talked about starting a business for years but never could seem to get it off paper and into reality. After Kathy showed me how to really think through the specifics of what I wanted to do and how to put it into action, I felt super confident and started earning income from my business almost immediately."  Barbara Showalter

"Getting to Aha was not only essential in helping me grow an idea into my business but it was a fun way for me to discover so many things about myself that helped me become a better business person."  Cassie Shepherd

" I am such an overthinker and perfectionist. Getting to A Ha gave me the tools to be more confident and start my idea with so much more clarity than I realized I already had."  Tamieka Lewis

"Seriously doing this work with Kathy is like a no brainer for those of us with way too many loose ends who want to grow an income stream."  Max Abbott

" I just could not come up with an idea that worked for me until I went through "Getting to Aha". Everytime I expand my business, now I go through this approach to help me find the clarity for the idea that will work best. Kathy really turned my floundering into my prospering" Jayden Wilson

"My husband says that working with Kathy was the absolute best decision I made when I started my business and he is soooo right. She was the game changer that helped me grow beyond my wildest dreams."  Sarah Newhope

Getting to Ah Ha!

Whether you have a million ideas or can't even think of one, this is a step by step approach that will help you isolate the gem of an idea to turn into your side income stream or new business.

Stop spinning the "what if's" in your mind and discover the idea that can make you money and create the lifestyle and freedom you want as a business owner.

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