My Business Concierge Membership


You have a business but sometimes you just have questions.
Questions about scaling, how to find more clients, the best way to optimize marketing.
Sometimes you might wonder when it's the right time to raise prices or have a sale.
Maybe you're trying to figure out how to have a real business instead of what really is more like a hobby.
Things can be going fabulously and then you get stuck.
Sometimes trying to run a business just might have you asking; "What Do I Do Now?"

You might just wish you had a genie to help you navigate the areas that get messy.

My Business Concierge can help you with all your business needs, providing resources, camaraderie, support, accountability and expert advice.


  •  Live Training and Coaching and Q & A's to Help You with All Aspects of Your Business
  • Get Your Specific Business Issues Addressed
  • Learn How to Uplevel Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary
  • Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Unsure of What to do Next
  • Engage with a Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
  • Move from Just a Business to a Thriving Business

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make For Your Business!


Most of the time even a specific issue is a result of several aspects in a business that may need adjusted. You can always ask your questions about your specific issue during the Q&A and make sure you get the it addressed as soon as you need to.

This is an ongoing membership. I have found that some business owners see it as an ongoing experience that helps them take their business to the next level while others visit periodically to see what is new or what they want to partake of.  Many have already indicated the live trainings and monthly Q&A's are worth the cost alone as they are getting help with what matters to them .

No! Although there will be specific strategies to work on and activities to help grow your business unlike a course, the exercises will be more relevant to all business owners rather than just a niche.

All of the instruction that is live will be recorded and all of the activities are self paced for you to complete at your convenience. You won't miss out on anything!!

You may cancel at any time. You are not obliged to make a long term commitment, although members find the camaraderie and support they get from getting to know one another grows over time. In addition, as members get to know about one another's  businesses, they are often able to share resources and referrals with each other.

I've grown two 6-7  figure businesses and I know that a business is never grown in isolation. When you join with people experiencing many of the things you are experiencing with your business, you have a lot of masterminds and input helping you. Often  business owners get stuck trying to get or keep clients or knowing when to raise prices, or change up how they are advertising or simply figure out how to become more visible or be sought out as the "go -to" expert, learning how to overcome the obstacle keeping your business from growing as it should is life changing!

So Much to Choose

Make it Work for You

Modules, Live Classes, Self Paced Activities
Coaching and Q&A

Workshops, Trainings,
Learn What You Want to Learn When You Want to Learn

Private Supportive Community
Sharing Ideas and Suggestions

Get Your Questions Answered at Scheduled Q&A's

Strategy Sessions and Coaching on Topics Relevant to all Entrepreneurs

All Live Sessions will be Recorded for you to Listen to at Your Convenience!

 "Kathy is an amazing coach. It was like she walked in my shoes and immediately knew how to help me turn my business around She truly is invested in helping her clients be successful."

Liza Shook
CEO "Pretty Please"

 "I can honestly say without Kathy I would not have had the know-how to launch my business. Kathy is a wealth of knowledge. She provided me with exceptional resources and tons of support."

Amy Molley
Owner Sensible Sensory Spaces

 "I was frustrated trying to market my business. Kathy helped me get my business in front of the right people to grow and maintain my client base. She really knows her stuff. It was the best investment I made for my business."

Raymond Lewis
Founder Elite Executives

 "I have worked with other coaches but Kathy was the one who helped me get my message and marketing focused to grow my profits. I would highly recommend her to any business owner serious about investing in their business" 

Marilyn Pavlowski
Director Dance Company

Every business owner deserves a Coach! 

Now you don't have to struggle with your message, your marketing, your frustration at finding clients and keeping them happy. This could be the best investment you make for your business. 

Try it and see if it fits your needs. 

What do you have to lose besides more sleepless nights and anxious days trying to make the kind of profit from your business you know you deserve!
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  • $34.99 USD

    per month

    Like a Genie for Your Business

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  • Two Training Sessions on a Variety of Business Topics
  • One Q & A session to help with specific business needs
  • Strategic Training Materials
  • Support Group off of Social Media
  • Opportunities to Market Within Group
  • One Specific Business Highlighted each Month