My Business Concierge Membership

The Place For All Your Business Needs

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make For Your Business!


Engage with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
Get Training Modules and Live Coaching 2x monthly!

Learn how to move your business beyond ordinary and take it to the next level.
Get your specific business questions answered.
Like a business genie at your fingertips.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and struggling to know what to do next in your business.

Sometimes being an Entrepreneur is scary. Business might be bumpy.
Sales may be down or you can't find the right clients.

I wanted to make this affordable to all business owners because I often hear, " I wish I could afford a business coach!"

What if you could find answers to your concerns within a supportive community and with a coach who wants you to be successful?

Whether you have concerns about launching, where to find your clients, how to create the best message, marketing, creating content, memberships, blogging, social media, passive income, pricing , selling or simply how to grow a better business.... My Business Concierge is perfect for you!

Or are your frustrated because you may know what to do to help your business grow BUT you aren't really sure how to do it?

  Then, My Business Concierge can help you learn how to effectively make changes.

  • You will learn how to tell if the ideas you have for your business will work in your market
  • What kind of social media works best for your business
  • How to reach and retain  clients/customers
  • Strategic  marketing techniques
  • How to close the sale effectively
  • Communicating a clear message
  • How to develop your next step of action
  • Creative  ways to package and price what you offer
  • How to create passive income streams for your particular business
  • Ways to create consistent and predictable income
  • Getting the support you need and want from loved ones
  • Specific time management techniques that will make a difference
  • and so much more!

But maybe everything is fine with your business right now but  you just want the camaraderie of connecting with people on the same Entrepreneurial journey as yours.
Maybe you just want an expert to run a few questions by now and then...My Business Concierge is for you too!

Or maybe you are just starting out and you want to stay on top of everything to give your business the best opportunity to grow and you want to grow and learn from experts...My Business Concierge is a great choice!

Whether you need help with your mindset, your message, your marketing or your methods, this membership will help you improve every aspect of your business.

Do you want to learn how to scale your business to the next level or create passive income from what you offer?
Do you want to teach your expertise to others by offering courses or trainings as part of your business model? 
My Business Concierge will address all of those and more!

Are you tired of trying to find consistent clients and want to put your business model on a more auto-pilot approach so you are not so stressed for time?

See how My Business Concierge can fix the things in your business that hold you back from your best success!

Try it out and see if it is for you, because a Concierge gives individual attention and is responsive to every detail.  
Join My Business Concierge Membership at a Founders rate you can't pass up ( Ends on May 2!) and let's work on everything and anything you need for your business!  

So Much to Choose

Make it Work for You

Modules, Live Classes, Self Paced Activities
Coaching and Q&A

Workshops, Trainings,
Learn What You Want to Learn When You Want to Learn

Private Supportive Community
Sharing Ideas and Suggestions

Get Your Questions Answered at Scheduled Q&A's

Strategy Sessions and Coaching on Topics Relevant to all Entrepreneurs

All Live Sessions will be Recorded for you to Listen to at Your Convenience!

 "Kathy is an amazing coach. It was like she walked in my shoes and immediately knew how to help me turn my business around She truly is invested in helping her clients be successful."

Liza Shook
CEO "Pretty Please"

 "I can honestly say without Kathy I would not have had the know-how to launch my business. Kathy is a wealth of knowledge. She provided me with exceptional resources and tons of support."

Amy Molley
Owner Sensible Sensory Spaces

 "I was frustrated trying to market my business. Kathy helped me get my business in front of the right people to grow and maintain my client base. She really knows her stuff. It was the best investment I made for my business."

Raymond Lewis
Founder Elite Executives

 "I have worked with other coaches but Kathy was the one who helped me get my message and marketing focused to grow my profits. I would highly recommend her to any business owner serious about investing in their business" 

Marilyn Pavlowski
Director Dance Company

Every business owner deserves a Coach! 

Now you don't have to struggle with your message, your marketing, your frustration at finding clients and keeping them happy. This could be the best investment you make for your business. 

Try it and see if it fits your needs. 

What do you have to lose besides more sleepless nights and anxious days trying to make the kind of profit from your business you know you deserve!
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Course Pricing

  • My Business Concierge Membership
  • $45.99 USD

    per month

    For all your business needs!

  • Monthly Activities (Webinars, Action plans, Worksheets for business growth)
  • Monthly 60 minute Q & A to Help You Address Specific Business Needs
  • All Live Sessions Will be Recorded for You to Listen at Your Convenience
  • 60 Minute Monthly Live Trainings on Business Topics for Growth and Success
  • Cancel at any time
  • Private Support Group