How Can A Business Coach Help Me?

Coaching for Established Entrepreneurs

Coaching for New Entrepreneurs

If you have been in business for several years a business coach can help you develop new strategies to grow your business.

A coach can help you grow a revenue stream faster and help you grow while learning how to keep your expenses in check.

Working with a business coach can help you pivot your business if you are stuck or discover how to find ways t0 help you be competitive.

A business coach can be an objective mentor when you need support or specific answers to help you grow your business.

A coach can help you take a stagnant business and learn how to make it thrive.

People who are trying to start a business or are a new business owner often are overwhelmed with trying to figure out next steps to make their business successful.

A coach can help you stay focused, and learn strategies for finding your target market and growing your income stream quickly without wasting time and resources.

A business coach can teach you specific marketing strategies, and ways to make your offer irresistable so you can close the sale successfully.

A business coach can work with you to help you learn better tools, techniques and time management to grow your business effectively.


My goal in coaching is to help you reach YOUR goals!
Whether you are just getting started in developing your business or already are a seasoned business owner, I can help you build the business of your dreams!

I coach clients, weekly, biweekly, monthly and on almost any schedule that fits their needs.

While coaching can be one of the best investments you will ever make in your business, I know it can also be expensive.

That's why I created the PAY ME BY THE MINUTE coaching program. It allows you to pay for just the amount of coaching YOU need whenever YOU need it.

Schedule Your PAY ME BY THE MINUTE session today and let's GET YOUR BUSINESS GROWING

Just Some Nice Things People Who Have Worked With Me Have To Say

"This coaching was perfect, without breaking my budget. I was able to run some ideas by Kathy and feel better about what I wanted to do in my business." Clare Scarano

" I couldn't really afford private coaching but I needed help in my business.Joining My Business Concierge was the perfect choice for my start up. I have referred several colleagues who agree that just having Kathy available to guide them in making some critical decisions makes a signifcant difference between success and failure."  Wendy Parsons

"I was thinking about quitting my job to start my own company. I worked with Kathy to set up a plan and put  the logistics into place to make sure I was on the right track. She will make sure you don't fail!"  Daniel Wilson

"I started my business while I was still employed full time. I could never had had the transition go so smoothly without Kathy's expert suggestions. I honestly felt like I had a personal genie to help me maneuver through the roadblocks." Sharon Lewis

"Kathy always over-delivers and is so conscientious about getting you all the help you need. She prevented me from making mistakes that would have significantly impacted my business growth. Working with her is always a pleasure and I come away with so many great ideas."  Selah Harmon

"What's not to like when you only pay for exactly what you want or need? Kathy is so dedicated to helping you resolve issues, she will give  you strategies and teach you how to run a better business. I've referred several of my colleagues to her."  Theresa Lopez

"I started my start up several times but it never really became successful until I joined My Business Concierge and worked with Kathy. She has been the best mentor/coach I could have ever asked for and she's down to earth and practical! "  Chris Schaeffer

"I knew I needed someone to help me grow my business but I kept avoiding it because of the costs. When I discovered Pay Me By the Minute and scheduled my Complimentary Call, I was sold on Kathy being the perfect coach for me. She held me accountable and gave me the best advice I ever got about moving my business in the direction I wanted it to go. She is truly the go-to person if you want coached by the best." 
Avery Dunlap

"Coaching is not something I thought would help me in my business, but a friend who had worked with Kathy recommended I contact her. I was stuck about how to move into a business without giving up my day job and Kathy had wonderful suggestions that helped my become an entrepreneur on my own time table."  
Mike Coggins

"My Business Concierge saved me from making some mistakes in my business early on and I stayed because I will never get the kind of assistance for the cost of the monthly membership that Kathy delivers consistently. Don't overthink it. Try My Business Concierge and you will be hooked!"
Nicole Dalton

"If you are thinking about working with a coach. Don't waste time or money with anyone else. Kathy will deliver what you need." Martin Hopewell.

"I tease Kathy all the time that she is on "retainer" until I launch my business full scale, but Pay Me By the Minute Coaching is honestly like having her at my fingertips whenever I reach an impasse or having a specific questions." Mary Ellen Snyder

"I paid for two coaching sessions with Kathy and got more valuable information and advice than I got working with another coach for over three months. She really knows her stuff and she won't let you fail." Paul Gollis