You Had me at Merlot, I Know, So Let’s Go

(This is one of my favorite posts. Updated from two published several years ago…ENJOY!)


Yes, I know, that’s not what SHE SAID.

She also never said, “You had me at “Van Gogh” or at “Bordeaux”.  But I bet the headline caught your eye and you just had to take a look and now you’re thinking, “Wait, this is not going to be about wine and good times at all.”

Wait…Stop! It is!! Well, it is going to be about whiners which agreed, is nothing like fine wine, but if you leave you’ll miss the part where the party begins and everyone likes a good party, so stick with me and I’ll finish the story.

Because maybe this story is really YOUR story.

Maybe you ARE looking for some good times; maybe even some great times and maybe you really want to begin to see the sparkles back in your life, the joy, the pleasures, the moments when you jump out of bed excited to begin another day.

Maybe you have a lot of ideas about what would make things different but you are just stuck trying to get any started. Well. I know how to help you find those good times and get to that joy. I’d love to take you to that party, but as long as you’re in the middle of your own Unhappy Hour having your favorite Whine, I don’t stand much of a chance tearing you away.

You know that pity party where you feel overwhelmed with your life, disappointed in nearly every aspect of where you are or where you are headed and full of regret and sorrow over the mistakes and errors of your ways, the time you wasted, the dreams you never pursued?

When you are so invested in that soiree’ you can’t see what you are cheating yourself out of experiencing and little will make you stop pouring another glass of “poor me” while you sob yourself into a state of “nothing ever works out for me.”

It’s hard to compete with a Whine and Unhappy Hour Affair, but if I could get your attention long enough to invite you to try a different kind of get together, you might discover a way to reinvent those good times, reimagine that dream or purpose and recreate the life you really want. I want you to try a different type of Happy Hour with me.

No, It’s not too late. Whether you are 30, 50, or 70 we can have that talk. Don’t get hung up on how much time or money, resources or talent you have. That’s just more Whine.

Life is too short for unhappy hours, whether they are at the bar, in your relationships, in your career or in your life.

Unhappy hours waste precious time we never get back. I know.

Often people think I have always had the job of my dreams or the career to die for. This is far from the truth. I have experienced much of what you may be dealing with now.

If you have ever been unhappy at your job and wishing you could spend more time at home…So have I!

If you have ever felt like you job was not going in a direction you had hoped and you just wanted to do something different…So have I!

If you have felt like your life lacked purpose or a plan…I know that feeling as well.

Even if you have had a great job but just feel like it doesn’t do anything for you anymore…I certainly have felt that as well.

I know what it is like to feel burned out, disillusioned, bored and frustrated even in careers where the pay was excellent and the perks were many.

I also know what it is like to have a fire in my belly and an idea I just wanted to run with.

If you have wished you could just do something you love, something you race to get involved with each day, something that speaks to your soul, I so hear you, because that was once me as well.

There is little you probably feel that I have not already felt.

If you are worried about having enough money to pursue your dreams or if you are trying to figure out how to squeeze some “me” time into an already overfull 24 hours, I have totally been in those shoes.

That’s why I know how to get you to where you want to be with less frustration and as quickly as possibly.

What do you NOT want to regret at the end of your life?

What would you do differently if you knew how much time you had left?

What do you just wish you could wake up tomorrow and start doing?

Because. I asked those questions too and the answers finally made me realize I had to do something about my dream, my passion, my direction and I can help you do the same. WHY?

Because I know…just how you feel. You had me at “I know” .

And I’ll be happy to join you in your Jerry Maguire moment

and Yes, I CAN Show You the Money.

Kathy Brunner is an encorepreneur coach who helps people create a second or third career from their passion. Want the fastest way for her to show you the money you can make from your passion? Learn about her Specialized Programs and sign up for a Free Consultation. 

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