When Your Struggling Business Needs A Fix



Remember when you were a small child and a toy broke? What did you often do? You most likely brought the toy to someone and asked, “Can you fix this?”  You needed first aid for your toy. Or,when either your feelings or your body had an injury, maybe you typically wanted a person you trusted to, “Make it better”.

No one wants to experience hurt or pain. No one wants to feel dejected,frustrated,used up or worthless. People don’t want to have to function with something that is broken, stagnant or ineffective and yet, I see people trying to run businesses like that every day.

I will be totally honest with you. People don’t seek out help unless they need it, but many try to self medicate to the point of only taking it longer and longer to truly achieve a successful outcome or at best a short term fix. Business owners do much the same.

Running a business is a skill, an art, a more complex venture than many people realize. It was more than I realized. When I first began a coaching business, I made mistakes. They weren’t fatal mistakes but they certainly could have been had I not received the help I needed to “make it better” and “fix it”.

Even the best entrepreneurs don’t have all the answers. Coaching was a bit new to me over a decade ago. Being a business owner wasn’t. So, even if you have owned and run one business successfully it doesn’t always mean the next business will follow suit.

Knowing this, I realized there are unique aspects to every business and yet there is a foundation each must have to have any kind of success.

Think of it this way: Eating healthy is preventative. It often prevents you from having to “fix” health issues down the road. Taking time to care for your furnace before winter starts is preventative, assuring you will most likely be able to count on having heat when you need it. Transparency in a relationship is preventative. When someone can be trusted there is a far less likelihood of the relationship crumbling.

But maybe it is too late to be preventative. Some conditions require consistent medication or intervention. Some relationships need formal counselling and sometimes the furnace needs replaced or repaired.

You already know if your business needs prevention or repair. If you are struggling to earn an income, get clients, ramp up your business so it is not a glorified hobby or simple a slow side stream of income, you need something more. If you are doing everything you can think of to get your business into the hands of those who need it but it is still not growing, something is not working and needs fixed.

People who work with me want to help their business grow and prosper. They want to add value and remove barriers. They want a higher level of income and most definitely want to not be stressing out about where their business is headed and if they are going to be able to pay next month’s bills. Some simply want to not have to work so hard to continue to just be mediocre.

If that is you. Yes, I can help your business from sliding down the spirally slope of irrelevant and non prosperous. I can help you repair what damage is done and show you how to prevent it from happening again.

I learned from some of the best coaches and instructors on the planet and I can assure you, no matter what I thought I knew, there was still a learning curve I needed to climb to  make my business better, to make my business strong and to prevent my business from just existing but not making any real income.

I know what you want for your business. You want someone to help it be better. Let’s do this. In mid October, I am launching an intensive “Fix the Business” program. If you ever wanted to fix your business so it could be Better and Booming, this is YOUR chance.

Check out the details here!

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