When It’s Not Your First Rodeo



Las Vegas, May 15 - Steer wrestler Luke Branquinho, one of eight Army-sponsored cowboys in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, leaps off his horse and onto a steer at the Pace Picante Pro Rodeo Chute Out in Las Vegas Saturday. Branquinho won the steer wrestling competition and took home more than $20,000 from the rodeo.

Okay, True confession. I love rodeos. Maybe because I have always known my short attention spans finds watching something for only 8 seconds tolerable. But, I also love watching the people take on a challenge trying to control something bigger than themselves.

Much the same happens when I work with people looking to finally do work they love. For most of the clients I work with, looking to move into a career or business they love is not their first rodeo. Many of my clients are in the 2nd and 3rd decade of working and they most definitely are seeking work that speaks to their soul.

Perhaps that is you. Maybe you are burned out of a career, feeling “used-up” in a work setting or simply finally wanting to work your dream work. You have experience and have been around  long enough to have learned the ropes  and obtained some savvy skills but you just aren’t quite sure what the best way is to really earn your living doing what you love.

Here are FIVE TIPS to help you move from day job to DREAM WORK when it is NOT YOUR FIRST RODEO.

  1. EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS. Just because you have a degree that indicates a specialty doesn’t mean you can’t use it to do a different type of work. Sure, you can’t be a neurosurgeon with an accounting degree, however, I have worked with accountants, health care personnel, educators and blue collar workers who were able to land careers in far different areas than the field they had been trained in. Spend some time weekly, looking at the job descriptions for positions you feel you might enjoy doing. (P.S. One of my former clients moved on from working in a social work field to working as an excutive director for a large non-profit which is a dream come true job for her!).
  2. LEARN ENOUGH ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA TO BE LITERATE.  No, you don’t have to have a twitter handle, learn how to use Instagram or be a podcast guru, but having enough familiarity social media to help you seek out a niche where you want to earn a living and develop a bit of social presence will put you in a league with others who can support your desires.
  3.   MAKE FLEXI BILITY YOUR MIDDLE NAME. Yes, you are an experienced worker, however moving from your day job to  your dream job may mean you have to accept some new parameters. Perhaps you have to become more tolerant of  casual/open work spaces or more agreeable to a different pay scale. Hey, It’s your dream job so what if everything is not ideal and  thinking you know the best way to do something is YOUR OPINION, so if you want to really do your dream work, don’t force YOUR OPINION onto others.
  4.  SET ASIDE SOME TIME REGULARLY TO CONNECT WITH YOUR FELLOW COLLEAGUES. Whether you are going into business for yourself or starting in a new career, old “rodeo-ers” tend to often isolate themselves from the people who can be the most instrumental in helping them grow in their new position. Even if there is an age gap, often what you can  learn can be invaluable to your business or career growth. ( True Confession…I learned how to use all the features on my first smart phone, from those who had grown up with them in the palms of their hands and you know what?, It was    amazingly helpful!).
  5.  BE WISE BUT NOT A WISE ASS. When you have a great deal of experience, there is a tendency to have a narrow view  of the right way to do something ( which often turns out to be the only way you think it should be done!). Cowboys will always learn new ways to stay on the bull, so if the way you are doing it is the only way that works for you, fine, but don’t dismiss learning a new technique just in case you need to adapt someday. Remember your wealth of experience may not be what it really takes to launch your DREAM WORK or your DREAM BUSINESS.

Moving from a day job to a DREAM JOB is exhilarating and worth every effort, however, just because it’s not your first rodeo shouldn’t mean you feel totally capable of going the distance. Remember, the same bull can feel different for different riders. When you are sure you are ready to make the career change, learn how to be the best rider, not just the one with the most expertise.

Kathy works with “encore-preneurs’, those ready for a second career in a job they love or as their own boss. Contact her for a FREE CONSULT on how to make the “not my first rodeo” stage your best ride ever!





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