Pretty isn’t it? It’s the view I get to see when I am at work. It’s close to some of my favorite places to eat,people I love and even great spots to nap. Since I do quite a bit of work from home, I get to enjoy the changes in the scenery all the time.

This time of year, the scenery changes almost daily. It is a huge perk to enjoy since my office can be anywhere I want it to be.

So, what are you looking at? I don’t just mean the scenery but what are you seeing when you look at your future, your role, your growth, your satisfaction, your potential?

Maybe you have a picture of just how you hope your career plays out but perhaps it hasn’t lived up to what is in your mind’s eye.¬†Sometimes what we are looking at is far from what we’d like to see.

Not everyone can work from home but everyone should pursue earning a living in a way that makes them feel they are closer to the vision they see for their life.

Being your own boss is hard work. It takes discipline, determination and resilience, but the perks are not just in the scenery.

Here are FIVE advantages to earning your income as an entrepreneur:

  1. You get to choose where and how you will work
  2. You have unlimited earning potential. 
  3. You can create your own schedule.
  4. You can delegate the aspects of your job that you are not as skilled or interested in doing
  5. You can often choose who you serve.

What is it that you want to turn into an income stream?

What do you wish you could be doing instead of what you do to earn a living now?

Are you stuck trying to change the scenery of your life?

The reason I am so passionate about helping people earn income from a passion is because I know first hand the difference it can make for what you see.

It can make the difference between boredom and enjoyment; between being controlled and having control, between just going through the motions and moving in a planned direction and cetainly between earning a paycheck and securing a future.

Right under your eyes, the colors are changing daily but is that view of your future changing as well?

Do you like what you see or are you worried and frustrated when you look at your future?

Everyone’s career goes through periods of peaks and valleys similar to the changing seasons, but if you have stayed in one season too long and can’t seem to visualize how to create the changes you want to see, it’s time to take some serious action.

Sometimes you only need a different perspective; sometimes you need a totally different view. Either way, you can decide what you are looking at.


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