What About Your Show?

When a baseball player first gets to the major leagues, he is welcomed to the “show”. The phrase,”You’re going to the show” often signifies a move up into a truly professional league, whether baseball, hockey or basketball.

Years of practice, hard work, commitment and discipline finally pay off with an opportunity to show off skills at the highest platform.

Players in all sports dream of the day they get to the “show”.

What about you? What do you imagine your chance at the “show” will be?

Are you hoping to make an impact in your current career but just not sure how you might go about that yet?

Do you see yourself starting a non-profit and creating a change you have always dreamed about?

Or maybe you have a little voice that is constantly telling you to start a business and take the skills you have and create a lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Everyone has an idea of what their “show” might look like.

No player would ever choose to miss an opportunity to play in the show even if they did not feel truly ready.The “show” is the ultimate goal.

Not always true for those looking to live out career dreams however. Often, even people who have spent a great deal of their lives honing skills for their chance at their “show”, hesitate, make excuses or talk themselves out of performing on the biggest stage of their lives.

If you have been thinking about changing a career direction for some time, you have no doubt spent some time imagining what your life would look like and what role you would have in the “show”.That is exactly what happens to every athlete. They take time to envision, create a plan to achieve what they want and then begin the steps to get closer to that major performance. They work with coaches and specialists who help them get to their destination more efficiently.

Maybe you have an idea or dream but you are stuck creating the plan and taking the steps.Trust me, like a dedicated athlete that practices and practices a skill, there are steps to take to help you achieve the exact career goals you imagine.

All it takes is saying, “Yes”…

“Yes, I am ready to start working towards my ultimate goal”

“Yes, I want a specific protocal I can follow to help me be the best I can be at my “show.”

“Yes, I am willing to commit to a plan for success.”

“Yes, I believe I have what it takes to get to the show.”

And of course,when it’s time, “Yes, put me in coach, I want a chance at the show!”

Don’t stop at your dreams or ideas.Imagine if Babe Ruth just thought about playing baseball or Jack Nicklaus never played golf except at Putt-Putt?Imagine if Bill Gates waited until he thought the world was ready and deserving of computers or if Walt Disney let all the naysayers talk him out of his wild imagination?

You know what you want.It’s not up to others to chart your path for you.You don’t need approval from the gods to use a skill or talent you have to create a life you want.

What you need is your own permission to say,”Yes”, because dreaming about the “show” and performing in it are two entirely different things.

Maybe you have been dreaming for a long time. Isn’t it finally time to work with a coach and start your journey to that stage?

Every person who has ever been to the “show” will tell you it was worth everything they did. See what some of my “players” had to say.

So, maybe it’s time to step up to the plate and give it a shot.

Life is short. Don’t miss your chance to play in your own game! The best performance of your life could be just around the corner.


Kathy is a certified career coach that works with people looking to switch careers or start their own business.She offers a Complimentary Consult Call to anyone looking to get to the “show”
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