Last week at the church I attend (yes, I am a Christian and go to church by choice), I heard a speaker, Danielle Strickland talk about her own journey becoming a missionary and working with victims of human trafficking.

She spoke about how many people never do extraordinary things because they don’t think they are capable, resourceful or even skilled enough to tackle specific issues.One thing she continued to say throughout her talk was to “Use what you have.”

She learned this one day when she and another woman baked cupcakes and took them to a local brothel. Listen to her story HERE.

Use What You Have is the very mantra every entrepreneur needs to adopt.

When I talk with people about moving from a day job to doing something they love,often the biggest drawback that holds them back is the belief that they are somehow inadequate, lacking in resources, energy, time, ideas or skill in order to take that leap.

Many have never really considered what they already have that can propel their ideas into a great second income or business venture.They have a dream but they are filled with insecurity, doubt and the irrational idea that success belongs to those who are aptly endowed with a specific skill set or degree on the wall.

I can’t begin to tell you how unfortunate it is to miss out on something you want because you have convinced yourself somehow you aren’t worthy.

Many, many successful entrepreneurs started with next to nothing. Many lacked degrees, dropped out of school, failed, moved in with parents, experienced financial failure had their health compromised and yet they succeeded often because they used what they had.(Read the bios of Brendan Burchard, Ella Fitzgerald, Jim Carrey, John Glenn, Suze Orman, Dr.Phil, Harry Houdini)

I remind clients regularly that it isn’t what you know that matters as much as what you can offer of value, because [Tweet “even the smartest scholar is of not much use unless (s)he can offer something of value.”]

Using what you have means moving forward with your own gifts and letting the world unwrap what they need.

Using what you have means taking what you know and working with it to create the plan that moves your dreams forward.

Using what you have means STARTING WHERE YOU ARE to get where you want to be.

There is no logical reason to wait when using what you have can already cause momentum.

If you are waiting for your lot in life to get stronger, richer, smarter or better you aren’t using what you have, you’re using an excuse.

Everyone is given specific gifts, talents; unique personal  abilities given just to them.

Trying to acquire another’s gifts, talents or unique skills is futile and illogical.

Danielle and her friend used cupcakes to start a major revolution in working with victims who were trafficked.

What you have has the potential to help you live a larger life, but only if you use it.

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