Use, Don’t Refuse the Muse


A Muse is considered your source of personal inspiration.While the original term refers to goddesses in Greek mythology, today anything that you derive your spark of creativity from might be considered your Muse.

We might be inspired by anything our senses experience,by an event we take part in or even a cause we are passionate about.Sometimes our muse is a mentor or someone who gives us permission to run with our ideas,our passion,our dreams.

I recently heard an interview with an ice hockey player who shared that before he could even skate, he would dream of hoisting that Stanley Cup over his head while skating on the ice.His Muse was the picture in his mind of what he could be.

Back in the 80’s, Bruce Springsteen sang,“You can’t start a fire without a spark” in Dancing in the Dark.So, really a muse is often the spark that starts everything.

Even people who might believe themselves to be less than creative have a Muse;something that moves them to release their talents, opinions,skill or energy to “start something.”

Call it whatever you want but that voice that keeps calling you is trying to get your attention and often a true Muse doesn’t stop calling even when you wish it would.

So, what is YOUR Muse? Is it something you witnessed, something you read, something that speaks to your soul?Does your Muse keep you up at night with ideas or cause you to daydream about how something could be?

And when you discovered your Muse, did you choose to follow or refuse to let it lead you?

Sometimes our unhappiness stems from refusing instead of choosing when our Muse is calling.

We sense a passion or deep interest in something but without following it further, we might smother the very Muse that has been placed in our life to be our message.

It’s not like some voodoo or juju and definitely not just a magical wish.Think of your Muse as the way you experience what gets you dreaming, creating,following through and if you think you haven’t met your Muse yet, here are 15 questions to help you look for it and find the spark that starts the fire:

  1. Where do you go to clear your head or find your soul?
  2. What books do you feel drawn to read?
  3. What activity is tops on your list when you think of how you like to spend your time?
  4. What hobbies do you have?
  5. What movies, TV shows or plays hold the most appeal to you?
  6. Where do you enjoy vacationing or taking a break?
  7. Who is someone you love spending all your time with?
  8. What do other people tell you is your gift?
  9. What causes or issues pull at your heartstrings?
  10. What experience do you replay over and over in your mind?
  11. What did you always want to do or be when you were younger?
  12. What do you love to do in your free time?
  13. If you had unlimited resources and never really HAD to work, what would you do with your time?
  14. If you were only given a short time to live, what would you do differently?
  15. What do others compliment you on or seek your advice about?

Your Muse is out there and waiting. USE don’t REFUSE the MUSE! It can be Life Changing!


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