How to Use I.T. To Start Your Dream Job

Is there something you enjoy doing just because it brings you joy, satisfaction, peace or a sense of purpose? That’s probably your I.T.

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Not everyone I coach knows exactly what their dream job is or even knows what they want to do. Some of my clients just want something “different”, something “else”, something that isn’t the “job they are doing.” Even when I meet a client who thinks they just don’t have what it takes to create a business or a career doing what they love, after we work together I make sure each and every client has a sense of how to use his/her I.T. to get started.

You’ve got I.T. We all have I.T.  I.T.?  Individual Talent! The special gift we have been given to expand and share with the world. No, really it’s not a “woo-woo” kind of belief. After years of working with different types of clients, I know, given the right tools, anyone can discover the Individual Talent that can rock their world.

Sometimes it IS the thing you always love to do but sometimes it’s a gift not quite unwrapped, hidden by anxieties, apprehension or even downright fear. Sometimes your Individual Talent is smothered by distractions, excuses or other people’s opinions.

One of my clients absolutely loved drawing as a youngster but was encouraged to pursue a field outside of the arts. She landed a good job working for a corporation but was anything but satisfied with her career. She had limited training as an artist but still loved to ‘doodle’ and decided to start ‘doodling’ on glassware. A babysitter saw some of her creations one day and asked if she could do some glass painting on some dishes for a wedding gift and that one request led to another. Within 4 years she was designing glassware for many studios and is in the process of taking some of her designs to larger big box vendors.

From the corporate glass ceiling to a business in glass. Poetic!

Another client constantly rearranged furniture in her home just because she liked to see how different pieces looked in different settings. She now uses her degree as an Occupational Therapist designing sensory rooms for her clients who have specific sensory needs. It’s a gift and truly she found her I.T.

Oh, and the I.T that is smothered or distracted?

One of my friends made baby dolls for her children when she was trying to raise her family while putting her husband through law school. Many of her sisters teased her about doing the same once her children were older. She stuffed that idea right back into the corner of her mind, but when she ended up getting a divorce, she began to ‘create’ doll type figures mostly because it grounded her and reclaimed her identify. Fast forward several years and she now designs dolls created to look just like the little girl who will own them. It didn’t start out as a business, but rather as a way to give her own family something special at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a doll and although it was “put on hold” for what my friend thought would be forever, she found her I.T to be a good way to move on after her divorce.

Another client always remembered how she loved playing nurse when she was a child and although she ended up in a career in healthcare, she disliked her job mostly because of the paperwork, red tape and endless frustration in the way she was asked to deliver services. She ended up leaving her career to care for an ailing parent. During that time she read a story about a group of volunteers who created ‘superhero’ capes for children in hospitals, she wondered if they could use some help with their project and ended up helping them develop a foundation that not only creates capes but also sends a variety of “special characters” to visit children in the hospital. Her I.T? She always loved helping sick people and found a way to turn that into a career she loves without the red tape she dreaded.

Yes, I am certain you have the I.T that can rock your world. You might be using it, sitting on it, trying to locate it or have decided to keep it hidden but that talent is YOURS and YOURS alone. Even if other people do the same, they will not bring exactly what you bring into it.

So, I’d love to hear what your I.T is and how you can use it to change the world and YOUR WORLD?


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