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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

We’ve all been in that place where what seemed like a good idea at the time ended up being one we regretted later. I was looking over some photos last week and came across a picture of my cousin who was about 6 at the time. He was wearing a cast up to his thigh…

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Nothing is more exhilarating than things we WANT to do versus those we HAVE to do: Click To Tweet Imagine: Wanting to wake up early versus having to wake up early Getting to change directions versus having to change directions Getting to be in specific circumstances versus having to be in specific circumstances Getting to…

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The Worst That Can Happen

There is a new trend to select a “word of the year” for personal motivation, I however, think the phrase, ” What’s the worst that can happen?” might be mine. It’s been a pretty stressful ten days but looking back, the worst that can happen, didn’t, yet, and even if it does I think my…

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What Waiting Really Costs You

  I hate to be the bearer of news that might frighten you, but if you are like most people. you are most likely not even remotely thinking of Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving, even though as I am typing this blog post, you have less than 50 days (Yikes!) to decorate, purchase and…

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The Sweet Spot of Success

Unless you live under a rock, you know who Oprah Winfrey, Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Hyatt are. They are all the best at what they do. But, they didn’t get to that sweet spot without help. Everyone of them had a coach who helped them reach their potential…EVERY ONE! Sure, there…

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Is It Time To Repurpose Your Career or When Is A Piano Bar Not a Piano Bar?

I’m hooked on repurposing. I love to see what creative people can do with something most people would just discard. One of my favorite things to do is browse furniture consignment stores to see the amazing products people have repurposed from discards. That’s somewhat why I love working as a career designer and coach. I…

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Is Your Job Killing You?

  I get clients who are frustrated, bored and disillusioned about their job. I get clients who are unhappy, disappointed and those who were let go from a job, but recently I talked with a client who stated, ” My job is really killing me.”  At first I thought she was just speaking metaphorically but…

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5 Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

  I am not going to tell you to become indispensable to your employer and I am not going to suggest you learn multi jobs within the organization. I also am not going to suggest you work more hours,or rack your brain trying to make the company you work for more profitable. Perhaps those are ways…

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How to Use I.T. To Start Your Dream Job

Is there something you enjoy doing just because it brings you joy, satisfaction, peace or a sense of purpose? That’s probably your I.T. Not everyone I coach knows exactly what their dream job is or even knows what they want to do. Some of my clients just want something “different”, something “else”, something that isn’t…

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Creating A Business With Heart

This is a bit of a different post. It’s about building a business; most specifically a business with heart. Creating a business with heart means that you not only create a thriving enterprise but one with a sensitivity towards developing meaningful relationships with causes and giving back. Now, I know what you might be thinking,…

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