It’s About Time and that Dream Job

Let’s face it. It is about time. It’s always about time. It never fails when I work with clients, they often say “It’s about time” but WHY they say it often separates those who are committed and those who are still making excuses.

Where Are You On the About Time Spectrum?

I can always tell when I speak with a client who really wants nothing more than to change the direction of their career. They are all about doing whatever it takes to make that dream happen and even when it seems there will be some significant obstacles to overcome, they are seldom deterred, otherwise focused on creating a master plan for the day they can exit their day job and become a business owner. As that day nears, and often considerably before, I hear these comments:

“It’s about time I took control of my future.”

“It’s about time I left that job that made me miserable all the time.”

“I am so glad that I finally decided it was about time to stop playing their game and start playing mine.”

“My husband(wife) says it’s about time I am making the money I deserve.”

They realized what they wanted and went for it, because they realized, “It’s about time”.

Then there are those who want the same thing; more freedom to do what they love, have unlimited earning potential and be their own boss, but their comments don’t reflect the same kind of “It’s about Time” spirit. Their comments sound more like:

“I really want to have my own business but it’s just not the right time.
“It’s all about time and I have none left after I’m done working 40 plus hours a week.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was young but there’s no time to ever get started.”

” I wish I had the time to really get this idea off the ground.”

“I know I could be successful if I had more time.”

Their comments about time reflect excuses, frustrations and especially lack of control.

For some people. there really is no time like the present. They are done telling themselves, “someday” and finished allowing another person’s schedule to dictate how they spend their days.” Yet, for others time seems elusive, unforgiving and most of all unable to be used to their benefit.

And…You know what. They are both right!

How to Get Time To Work for You

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. We decide how we use that time. Many of my clients are working a full time job or even more than one job and are raising families, going to school or taking care of a loved one. Some of their schedules would make you want to just pull the covers up over your head and not face another day, but I can assure you they do not see their 24 hours as limited or even restricted. No, they see every free minute as potential, a get out of jail free card, as one more chance to go after their dream.

You see, time is perception. Everyone gets the same amount but each person decides how to use it. How are you using your time? Is it the same old excuse or a motivation for change?

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