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(When Life Doesn’t Go At All According to Plan!)

Most people who know me will tell you I am a pretty healthy person. I do indulge in my share of chocolate chip cookies and some Diet Coke now and then but for the most part, I have always been in great health.

Shortly after New Year’s this year, I realized it was much harder trying to get back to what I could do in the gym on cardio equipment or even with weight training. Thinking that week off over the holidays sabotaged my efforts, I promised myself not to skip those three-time weekly gym sessions again.

Then came a rather nasty headache, nasal congestion, and some chills. Called my Primary Care who informed me, I could be seen 5 (yes, that’s right!) 5 DAYS LATER! Urgent care gave me some antibiotics and while the sinus infection cleared my breathing did not improve.

A week later, I was struggling to go upstairs and even walk across a parking lot. The appointment was made with a cardiologist but was several months out. (Hey, good people are booked I told myself!)

But, I never got to that cardiologist. Several days later I ended up in the local E.R. with extreme shortness of breath and feelings of tightness and heaviness in my chest. EKG was fine. Blood tests showed no heart attack and chest Xray clear. Told to schedule cardio follow up.

So, the girl who was a picture of health had this issue that was not supposed to happen but it did. But wait…that’s hardly the whole story.

There was life to be done and so I followed up with a different physician in the practice I had scheduled several months out the day after the E.R. visit and he prescribed a Beta Blocker and scheduled some tests to be done about 10-14 days out.

I went about my business. Feeling winded and not myself but at least seeing and talking to clients and awaiting the chance to get those tests, thinking the Beta Blocker would eventually help my symptoms.

But, a colleague who had a similar experience several months ago, insisted I ask for a specific test called a D-Dimer test which detects blood clots. She was concerned as she experienced much the same symptoms in the past year.

Let me tell you that looking fine, being able to work and go about your daily business just feeling very stressed walking up a flight of stairs (okay, pretty much walking anywhere) after a normal EKG and chest Xray makes one think twice about thinking they know better and requesting a test no one else suggested.

I just felt ridiculous requesting more testing after I had seen “experts”.

My friend insisted I get to an E.R. again and request the test. I resisted initially, sat in the parking lot feeling foolish and called the E.R and asked if someone could just walk in and request the test.

They assured me I could or have my Primary Care call to schedule the test. (Unlikely that I will ever go back there again as offering to see me 5 days after I am miserable and have symptoms didn’t seem like good patient care to me!)

So, I relented. I mean I was already miserable and tired of feeling so poorly and I walked into the E.R. and asked for the infamous D-Dimer test. Results were positive and everything happened quite quickly after that.

I was admitted to the hospital, put on Heparin, had a C.T. scan of my lungs and an Ultrasound of my legs.

Then I was told I had two DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my right leg and numerous blood clots in both lungs.

This was most definitely NOT supposed to happen!

It was a wild ride for about 72 hours. Every doctor who saw me asked why I was put on Beta Blockers because I did not have high blood pressure?

In fact, I have no red flags for DVT’s. I don’t smoke, have neither high blood pressure or high cholesterol, had no traumatic injuries and had never been in the hospital except to have my babies.

This was not supposed to happen!

But it did. After speaking with the pulmonologist, it was suggested that some family history may be indicative of a genetic blood mutation and that will get tested sometime soon.

In the meantime, I am taking blood thinners and realizing my colleague’s insistence that I go back to the E.R. most likely saved my life!

So, that’s where I have been for the last week, but I recognized something I can share with a lot of entrepreneurs out there as I think there is a lesson for all business owners as well in all of this.

Sometimes, even when something is Not Supposed to Happen; It Does!

And here is what you should learn:

  1. If you have signs that your business is struggling and it’s not getting better, GET HELP. Don’t tell yourself you just need to tweak this or do better marketing or get more investors. Get some real help to see what the problem really is, or isn’t!
  2. Don’t assume the initial help you receive will give you all the answers you need. Continue to seek as much assistance as you can to fix the problems you have.
  3. Don’t take suggestions as gospel. Someone may tell you what will help your business but realize you may have to do some digging yourself to find the best solution
  4. Experts don’t know everything. Be a better advocate for yourself!
  5. Listen to someone who has been through a similar experience. Someone who has worked through a business challenge can be very helpful in getting your business out of the trenches.
  6. Don’t feel foolish. The best entrepreneurs can hit an impasse. Waiting for your business to just get “all better” can be fatal. Be proactive and ask for what you need to know.
  7. Let people take care of your needs. Sometimes you need to let others who have the expertise, help your business move forward. Let them put the activities and strategies in place to have your business thrive again.
  8. Follow directions and hold yourself accountable for making your business get back to normal.

And…stop telling yourself, “This was NOT Supposed to Happen!”

It Did! Companies go under. Products fold. Clients can be fickle.

It’s not about what was not supposed to happen but rather about what you do next to stop the hemorrhaging, the disappointment and the crisis.

You can turn it around. My DVT’s weren’t fatal. Yes, they could have been.

Your business isn’t dead but if you do nothing it probably will be.

Let’s talk…I can help your business get “all better” I’ve been a business owner for decades and can help your business be thriving once again.

(P.S. and I am not overbooked, going to treat you like just another client or too entrenched in a protocol to just prescribe what everyone gets)

So, that’s where I have been for the past week.

I want your business to start to feel better. Like I do!!

Kathy Brunner is a Coach for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. This is a true story about how she spent the last week. Schedule a Complimentary Consult today and learn how to breathe some life back into your business!