The Worst That Can Happen

There is a new trend to select a “word of the year” for personal motivation, I however, think the phrase, ” What’s the worst that can happen?” might be mine. It’s been a pretty stressful ten days but looking back, the worst that can happen, didn’t, yet, and even if it does I think my perspective is a bit different, considering.

Let me explain, A little more than a week ago, I was traveling back from an appointment and stopped at a local post office, a woman in front of me was trying to juggle a large package, several smaller ones and all while holding the hand of a small child. I ran up to get the door for her, holding my keys in my hand, just as I stretched open the door, her little boy turned around to reach up towards his mom, hit the keys in my hand, which promptly fell and got stuck in a grate right outside the post office.

Everyone inside the office was busy and there was a long line. I tried to figure out a way to pull the keys out but it seemed my remote was somehow wedged between the bars of the grate.

Her little boy started whining, she was visibly upset and mortified and we both realized the keys were not going to come out. In my mind, I thought, ” My husband has keys I can copy and I’ll just call him and wait until he can come and get me.” ( He works about an hour away from where I was). But, then I realized he was in a meeting several hours away until the end of the day, and my car was locked and I had no keys to get in anyway. “I’ll just call the dealer where I bought the car and see if they can help,” I mused. Ah, yes, the phone, the phone was also in my car.( but of course).

I had a phone consult scheduled for later in the day which I was going to most likely not make and even if I wanted to reschedule it, I had no phone to call and do that. I was also scheduled to do a phone interview for a radio show and realized that was going down the tubes as well. I asked the lady if I could possibly borrow her phone and while she was more than willing, I couldn’t seem to get her phone(slowly dying) to keep mobile data on so I could search the internet and get the phone numbers I needed to call. I started to think my efforts to help the woman were being sabotaged, when a postal employee came out to say he had called the police. Thirty minutes later, they had my keys out of the grate and I was on my way home just in time to make that phone consult. HELP ARRIVED!

So, perhaps you noticed quite a break between the last blog post and this one. Turns out I updated my website a few days ago and everything promptly froze. My landing pages were gone and the arduous process of trying to get things up and running again started. My web developer would probably have had this fixed in a heartbeat but of course, he was out of the country visiting family! Feeling that a black cloud was making its beeline towards me, I searched forums, talked with other developers, my hosting administrator and about every other person I could think of. We finally determined it was a plug in that would not handle the new update. When I contacted the developers of the plug in, I was told they knew it was a glitch and were trying to get it fixed asap but it might be a few days.

A few days? Sales were halted. People were not getting responses to scheduling and contacting me and then because it appeared there was malware on my site, Google alerted me. (No malware, just glitches in the plug-in). I couldn’t even get into my site so my back-ups couldn’t be uploaded. The worst that could happen was that the site would simply disappear and at that point, filled with exasperation trying to understand FTP, SQL and a million other anachronisms techies throw around to make the rest of us look insignificant, I wondered if maybe someone was trying to tell me something.

“Well, the worst that can happen is my site will just disappear and I will have to start all over again,” I told myself. It definitely felt like the worst was happening.

This morning, the developers of the plug in, sent me an update, somehow magically repaired it and…here I am! There are still problems but at least HELP HAD ARRIVED!

Through all this, I spent so much time trying to get keys, retrieve that gift and fix the website that Christmas cookies didn’t get baked nor cards get sent so I decided maybe I could start to catch up on those things, except I awoke yesterday with a migraine that grew into the worst headache of my life along with chills,an upset stomach and other fine things I am sure you don’t want to know.

The worst that can happen is maybe it will be store bought cookies and Happy New Year cards.

The worst often feels like the worst just before help arrives.

So, do you ever fear the worst that can happen in your career or business is starting to rear its ugly head? I know. Sometimes even your best of intentions can simply create more chaos. The worst that can happen, won’t, if you let HELP ARRIVE.

Schedule a complimentary call and tell me your worst career or business issue. Turns out, I have experience with those types of things, trust me.

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