The Entrepreneur’s Toe Pick


If you skate one of the first things you learn is how your skates work. Failing to learn how to use your toe pick correctly can be quite unfortunate.

If you are an Entrepreneur one of the first things you should learn is how and when to use the skills you have effectively. Failing to learn this is also quite unfortuntate.

More than 17 million viewers tuned in to watch the Olympics hearing  the stories of determination and heart of countless athletes.

It’s more than amazing to watch a chance for medals be separated by a hundredth of a second at times.It’s also equally amazing to witness the resilience and spunk of many athletes who are attending their first Olympics despite years of rejection not making the team.

There is one common thread with all the athletes.

They didn’t get there alone.

They all had a network of support and guidance and more importantly they had a coach who helped them develop their skills to face the competition.

If you want to really be a rockstar at what you do one of the best ways to go about making sure that happens is to work with someone who has the experience to help you really maximize your strengths.

Being a Entrepreneur is much like an Olympic event.

You need to perform at your best, you need to be better than the competition, you need to develop the right mindset to achieve what you set out to achieve and you need to be resilient in the face of obstacles.

It might look easy from the outside.Snowboarding and ice skating may look like no big deal initially as well; that is until you realize just how many others have the same goal: to be the absolute best!

Being an Entrepreneur is a skill.It takes practice, a specific mindset, a resilient spirit and well honed skills to create and sustain a successful business.

There are tons of skaters and skiers who never make it into the Olympics, many who never compete,they don’t need a coach because they are happy just enjoying the sport.It’s a hobby; something they enjoy just for the fun of it.

There are also many Entrepreneurs who really never earn a living from their business.They are in it “just for fun”, often even when they don’t really want to be.

Maybe they want to really make their business sizzle and grow but they don’t invest in what can help them do that.

When I was a new Entrepreneur, I chose to work with a coach. It was a game-changer because I learned so many strategies and techniques that helped me move beyond settling for just an average business.

Just like an Olympic athlete learns basic skills and then with the help of a coach learns how to work on perfecting those skills to develop signature moves to compete, working with a coach can create an entirely new level of growth for an Entrepreneur.

Many athletes are happy with pumping iron in the gym or running a local race. I applaud all who take the time to be more than a mere couch potato.

For those who want to move into more intense competition, working with a personal trainer or coach is inevitable.

If you want your business to be more than a hobby and want to be earning the kind of money you need to support your lifestyle from your business, getting a coach is the best investment you can make.

I know. I did and it made all the difference.

So, how are you doing in the Entrepreneur Olympics?

Are you still a by-stander, watching from the sidelines, have you put on your equipment but are not exactly sure what to do next or are you ready to go for Gold and earn what you know you deserve?

Knowing how and when to use your toe pick makes all the difference to a skater.

Knowing how and when to use your business strategies makes all the difference to an Entrepreneur.

Ask any Olympian if they could have competed without a coach.

Either you are serious about creating a thriving business or you’re not.

Either you train to be the best or you choose to be typical.

A coach can make the difference between whether you have a hobby or a serious commitment and whether you are just calling yourself an Entrepreneur or actually are making money being one.

Don’t hope your business is ready to compete on the big stage, KNOW IT IS!

Think it’s time to invest in your dream? Wonder if a coach can make the difference for your business?

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and let’s chat and get to know one another.

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