There seems to be no shortage of advice when you are undertaking a new adventure. Whether purchasing a car or getting married, everyone seems to have something to offer to persuade you one way or the other.

This is especially true if you have an idea and want to run with it. It seems even people who seldom offer an opinion, have one when it comes to your idea.

It’s often practical to hear someone out and get a feel for what others think but imagine how it would be if your son wanted to drop out of college and pursue building something in your garage (like Steve Jobs, maybe?)

How would you react if your husband who owns a car dealership wants to sell one car and give one away or your wife thinks she can change the world with a trinket? (Think Tom’s Shoes or Pencils of Promise)

We live in a culture that often deters, detracts and discourages innovation simply by saying words like;

“That doesn’t sound responsible.”

“ I don’t think you can earn a living doing that!”

“Don’t waste your time on something that is a long shot.”

“ Who’s going to buy that?”

Sometimes the words stop us before we even start. We really don’t know what would have happened to our idea because someone’s advice crushed it.

Advice is a two edge sword. Learned too late by some and given too early to others.

There was advice I am glad I never took as well as advice I took that I am sorry I did.

Here is what I learned from both.

  1. Make Mistakes That Make You Proud.

You are going to make many mistakes in your lifetime. Learn from them and turn your errors into efforts. Practice does make perfect. The art of practice comes via mistakes.

2) Success is Subjective.

Regardless of how much fame or fortune you have, you will be remembered and admired more for your integrity, keeping your promises and being transparent.

3) Potential and Opportunity Often Hang Out in Different Places.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to really expand your potential. Missing out on a chance to do that can cost you more than you know.

4) Be Indebted to People Rather Than Things

It’s not your degree, your money or even your talent that will make you exceptional. Invest in good people skills and learn from those who you admire, they will teach you far more than books or lectures.

5) Never Confuse Cocky with Confidence or Tasteless with Tactful.

Know the difference between standing up and protesting. Adhere to your values before you support something that only partially agrees with them.

6)Be Brave Enough to Know What You Want but Humble Enough To Tolerate What You Have Until You Earn It

Accepting where you are while working towards where you want to be is far wiser than permitting yourself a pity party everytime you don’t like a situation.

7) Take Yourself Seriously Enough to Have Others Take You Seriously

Mindset begins with you not in what everyone else thinks about you.

8) Live in the Moment but not for the Moment

Constantly putting something off to have something more is defeating. Enjoy the now for whatever it is. You will never get it back and the next moment will never be just the same.

9) A Narrow Mind Can’t See the Bigger Picture

Clarity comes from adjusting your focus. Be aware of both sides of the equation. Live life with perspective not with perception.

10) Get Fired Up Not Burned Out.

Disclaimer, okay this is a subtitle of one of my books, but what I have learned is that it is far wiser to get fired up about what matters than to burn out because of something that doesn’t. Learn what to give your attention to.

11. A Sense of Humor Never Grows Old

When every other sense will fail you, your sense of humor will serve you well.

Seeking advice is a discerning way to operate, but sometimes you have to know what advice NOT to take!

What’s the best advice you never took and what did you learn because of it?