Learn how to Grow What You Know and Become Your Own Bo$$


Got a million ideas or none at all?

Want to leave your job but not sure if you will ever be able to replace your current income?

Feel so ready to go after what you want but so unsure about what to do first?

I’ve been there. I started my first business in my 20’s and thought I was super prepared. In my heart I was, but there was oh so much I needed to learn and none of it had anything to do with my degree or skill.

It became a highly successful business for over 2 decades and then I decided to start another business because I love being in charge of how and where I earn my income. That business became a great income generator in a much shorter time. Do you know why?

I learned how to start, grow and operate a successful business from the best in the field.

Now, it’s a no-brainer and you can do the same. It DOES NOT TAKE MONTHS OR YEARS to start a successful business.

But, it does take Dedication, Commitment and Drive. It also helps to learn the Strategies and Support Systems other successful service personnel use.

That’s where I come in. Sure, you can do this alone, maybe. But, after starting two businesses, I can honestly tell you, hands down, the faster you seek help in growing a successful business, the faster you will have a successful business.’

I know what it takes to help you move from Day Job to Dream Work…that’s MY JOB!

So, if you are starting a SERVICE BUSINESS and are serious about creating an income stream that will replace your current job, LET’s DO THIS!!!

In EIGHT WEEKS you will BE YOUR OWN BOSS and be running a business like a PRO!!

I don’t charge an arm and a leg either, because hey, starting a business can be scary enough and there’s a lot to learn, so, you don’t need any more anxiety shelling out the big bucks trying to get it up and running.

For $699.00 I can show you how to be the GO-TO person in your field and grow your clients and your income.

You will receive  8 digital modules and 8 individual coaching sessions with me. YES, EIGHT!!!!

Here’s what we will cover:

  • What Not to Forget When You are Starting Up.
  • Mindset and Motivation
  • Getting Clarity in What You Offer
  • How to Create Knock it Out of the Park Programs
  • How to Be the Expert Everyone Wants to Work With
  • The Real Way to Find and Keep Growing Clientele
  • How to Offer Your Services to Close the Deal
  • What to Invest in to Grow Your Business Faster
  • How to Offer Your Services for Maximum Growth
  • The Right and Wrong Way to Market a Service Business
  • Selling Without Stress
  • Pricing Your Products
  • How to Create Multiple Income Streams Quickly
  • Becoming More than Your Competition

The best part of this program is that YOU DECIDE at what pace you want to complete each module. You can complete them weekly and schedule a coaching conference call weekly or do them at whatever pace you elect.

I know it’s hard to be working a job while trying to start a business and if you need extra time completing a module, there is no penalty.

This is the first time I have combined the coaching modules of several successful programs into one intensive 8 module training and you can be sure I will teach you EVERYTHING I know about becoming a successful SERVICE PROFESSIONAL and growing a THRIVING BUSINESS!

So what are you waiting for? $699.00 is less than $100/week for 8 weeks. If you don’t think your new business is worth that investment, then maybe it’s really not time to start that dream.

But, I know you can make this work! My clients know I won’t let them fail.

Eight weeks from today you could be kissing your “old job” goodbye and running the business of your dreams.

But, whether it takes 8 weeks or 8 months, I will be there for you until you are killing it! Why?

Because being your own boss is living your best life. I know, I have done it for years.

I can’t even imagine not calling the shots about who I work with, where I work, when I work or how much I make.

 You Can Do This Too!!

$699.00   Click Below to Get Started(payment plan available)

Yes, I want Kathy to show me how to Build a Successful Business so I Can Be My Own Bo$$ in 2020!