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What About Your Show?

When a baseball player first gets to the major leagues, he is welcomed to the “show”. The phrase,”You’re going to the show” often signifies a move up into a truly professional league, whether baseball, hockey or basketball. Years of practice, hard work, commitment and discipline finally pay off with an opportunity to show off skills…

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How to Use I.T. To Start Your Dream Job

Is there something you enjoy doing just because it brings you joy, satisfaction, peace or a sense of purpose? That’s probably your I.T. Not everyone I coach knows exactly what their dream job is or even knows what they want to do. Some of my clients just want something “different”, something “else”, something that isn’t…

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Finding Your Mojo

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend who is in a very unique stage of her life. She retired the first of the year and does have many plans to travel later in the year, but right now she is facing an interesting dilemma. “I get up in the morning and all…

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