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How to Discern Between a Chance and Opportunity

“I always wanted to start my own business but I am terrified of taking that chance.” I hear this often from clients especially those who are at a crossroads in their careers either because of a significant burnout or because they have been given that ominous “pink slip” and know they have to make a…

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Are You Waffling?

Grits, served with a waffle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If you live in the South long enough, you begin to notice that people give directions based on where a particular location is from the nearest Waffle House, however that certainly doesn’t make the directions easier or more clear. Perhaps it’s because in the South, there seems…

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Image via Wikipedia There are several beautiful dogwood trees in my yard. While I love the white flowers edged with pink, I really love the yellow buds that bloom like a lacy covering of sunshine all over the yard.just before the white flowers arrive. However, those yellow buds last but a few days and less…

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