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Are You a Settler?

If someone asks what you do, have you ever described yourself as a settler? In the Pioneer days, settlers took a stand and created a habitat often where there were few other people but we don’t talk much about people being settlers today. But you might well be a settler. The type of settler who…

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I Want to Stop Being a Witch

“I don’t just want to stop being an employee, she volunteered, I want to stop being a witch.” That’s what a new client said as we discussed what she wanted to do with her future. She has given me permission to share her comment but I am sure she is really saying what many people…

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She looked at me rather sheepishly and announced, ” I once had a career but now it’s just a job.” Many of the clients I work with I never really meet. We schedule Skype or phone consults and it works well for us but this was a client I could logistically meet and she requested…

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Kissing Many Job Frogs?

    A few weeks ago I had a phone conference with a new client ( and yes, she is giving me permission to share a bit). As we talked several times she mentioned she had “wasted a lot of time” in careers she really was never satisfied in. This was going to be a…

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Are You Having A Come To Jesus Moment At Your Job?


She started telling me her story about her job and her feelings about it rather typically but the more she shared the louder she got. Before too long, I was holding the phone several inches from my ear as she finished saying, ” I wonder if it’s just time to move on and quit!” That…

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How To Make Money

Unless you work for the Federal Reserve, particularly in the area of printing currency or have an illegal printing operation you aren’t MAKING MONEY. Money is an Earned Reward. It can be earned many ways: By being the benefactor/heir of someone quite wealthy. By working hard and exchanging your hours for someone’s dollars By creating…

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Ready to be “Outta Here”?

It’s that time of year when many people start packing for an extended trip. Maybe you’ll be visiting family or taking that dream trip. If you have a trip planned you might be counting the days until you are “Outta Here!”. Vacations are critical for regrouping, reconnecting, revitalizing and revitalizing a creative spirit and attitude that…

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Time For A Profession Make-over?

It’s easy to try a new hairstyle, experiment with a different shade of make-up or revamp part of our wardrobe. It’s a little more difficult to completely change an appearance by losing considerable weight or through some Botox at the skilled hands of a wonderful plastic surgeon. But a profession make-over can be a real…

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Is It Time To Change Careers?

Maybe for the past week or so you did take the 5 steps towards breaking the Monday Morning Crying Cycle.  If you did you are already in good shape to begin to break the cycle you feel starting each work week as you  begin another, ” I HAVE to get another job” week. Hopefully you…

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Last summer,Forbes reported on a study which indicated Americans were more satisfied with their jobs. That is, if you consider less than half were more satisfied and only 15.4% were very satisfied. Yikes! Does this mean that you have a 50/50 chance of having a doctor who is removing your kidneys, an attorney defending your…

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