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  There are countless new businesses opening daily.I live in Georgia, which was once again ranked the #1 place to start a business in the country(WOOHOO!).But there is no hiding the fact that 96% (YIKES!) of businesses fail within ten years of starting. Given such grim statistics one would wonder why even bother becoming a…

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Are You an Entrepreneur Having a Fling or a Commitment?

  After giving a presentation to a group of business owners last week, I was not surprised to find that some entrepreneurs attending had thriving, prosperous businesses while others were struggling just to make ends meet. There are a few obvious red flags that separate the successes from the ones struggling and if you are…

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Are You an Entrepreneur Who Needs Glasses?

Most entrepreneurs dream big dreams and have great visions for their business.I think that is wonderful and wouldn’t want it any other way.I love to work with entrepreneurs who don’t give up after a setback and are committed to making their business a success. But sometimes entrepreneurs miss the details and the subtleties that impact…

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It’s About Time and that Dream Job

Let’s face it. It is about time. It’s always about time. It never fails when I work with clients, they often say “It’s about time” but WHY they say it often separates those who are committed and those who are still making excuses. Where Are You On the About Time Spectrum? I can always tell when…

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Stuck in The Slump?

You need only to glance around to know what time of the year it is. Somewhere between “too much to do” and “not enough time to do it” started a few weeks ago. One major holiday nearly followed by another and a year winding down way too quickly. It’s easy this time of year to…

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When The Seat of Your Pants Is Ineffective

  We can learn a lot of things by the seat of our pants. If you sit around a with a group of people playing bridge and start to play, you might be able to pick up the game after awhile or maybe you want to try to learn to ice skate. You can put…

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When It’s Not Your First Rodeo

    Okay, True confession. I love rodeos. Maybe because I have always known my short attention spans finds watching something for only 8 seconds tolerable. But, I also love watching the people take on a challenge trying to control something bigger than themselves. Much the same happens when I work with people looking to…

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The Art of The Pitch

Yes, It’s New Year. Time for a New Start and Yes, it IS important to know how to pitch a product or service, but it is just as important to know how to pitch something that has outlived its usefulness in your life. Sometimes we need to pitch the vast memorablia we collect over the years;…

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