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Most people don’t have the luxury of spending money without much thought. The reality is that you probably ask yourself “What does this cost?” several times daily. Being frugal is smart, but being cheap can be brutal. We live in a society that sometimes has a strange perception about how we should spend or invest…

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How Much Will This Cost Me?

One of the first questions clients often ask me is, “How much will this cost me?” and although I publish my rates people often automatically ask that question immediately. I don’t mind because I think it’s important to know what you are paying for, but I always wonder if clients ever imagine what it will…

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Can I Get This for Free?

Yes, you can get things for free, some things; kittens, BOGO’s, junk mail, and sometimes unsolicited advice. Free is relative. Even if you get some things for free, if they are a nuisance or painful free is not attractive. But, let’s be honest. Most of the time you DO get what you pay for, especially…

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