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Are You an Entrepreneur Having a Fling or a Commitment?

  After giving a presentation to a group of business owners last week, I was not surprised to find that some entrepreneurs attending had thriving, prosperous businesses while others were struggling just to make ends meet. There are a few obvious red flags that separate the successes from the ones struggling and if you are…

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    In a few weeks, we will be winding down another year and starting to think about how we want to begin the next one. Many people go into a new year with high expectations and goals; nothing wrong with that, but a study from Scranton University discovered that only about 8% of the…

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How Not To Get What You Want.

One goal I had over the holidays was to be very diligent about clearing out my email. I noticed that in every email box there were several “How To” emails. Some were because I requested information but the vast majority were unsolicited and ranged from “How to get your dog to stop shedding” to ”…

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Do you know someone who is ecstatic about the work they do?  If you do, ask them exactly WHY they are so excited to go out and earn a living everyday. In a 2013 Gallup Poll, nearly 52% of Americans reported they were not particularly excited about their job. They are present. They are earning…

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Any major life event is often better prepared for once you know its date. Most weddings are planned once a date is set, people give notice about a date when they will retire from their career. Universities expect prospects to respond to their invitation to attend by a certain date. Even though the exact date…

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