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How Hungry are You?

  Have you ever sat down to a meal and said, ” I’m so hungry I could eat a _____?”  When you are that hungry, you often will eat whatever is available. If you are eating in a restaurant, you may order more than typical because you just want some food. Sometimes you will choose…

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I’ll Have What She’s Having…Your Right to Your Career Orgasm

Anyone who has seen “When Harry Met Sally” will not forget the iconic scene where Meg Ryan simulates a female orgasm while in a restaurant with Billy Crystal.(Yes, It’s 2016 and I have used the word, “orgasm” in a blog about careers and work. It’s gonna be a great year!). After her dramatic portrayal, a…

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Why I Don’t Want Lemmings

I love to coach clients. I get the biggest thrill out of watching them go from just thinking about an idea to actually putting the pieces together and seeing it turn into an income stream. Knowing I helped someone leave a job that “just felt wrong” to working at something they have true passion for…

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