Changing what you are going to be doing for a living can be scary, difficult and frustrating; even more so when you are unsure just what step to take next.

If you have been trying to secure a new position without success or trying to launch a new business without much traction maybe it’s because you’re still bringing a knife to your gunfight.

What’s that mean?

Well we all know that while a knife can be used as a weapon, it may be meaningless and ineffective when everyone else is using a gun.

It’s a lot like that with changing a career. Maybe you have been spending time on job boards,navigating networking sites and revamping your resume. Those are all great techniques but if you are not really marketing your skills in the best way to get hired for the job a job you desire, you might just be wasting your time.

Right now the way you are approaching changing careers might be causing you to be the little fish in the big pond instead of the other way around.

Or, Perhaps you have been trying to launch a business but can’t get the traction you need to develop new clients. You are working very hard but if you are not sure what to do or NOT to do next and don’t have a systematic plan to develop your business growth then you might be trying to fend off the competition with a knife while they are engaging in a gun fight. Get the picture?

Too often people just assume that if they read a little more, try a new advertising campaign, tweak some parts of their resume or create a new product they will have discovered the secret to being successful finding the right career, but what they fail to realize is that just starting something new in hopes it will be effective whether you are changing a career direction or starting a new business is backwards thinking.

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You MIGHT achieve your goal this way but chances are you will spend far too much time and energy on wasted focus.

That’s where a career coach can help you. Working with a career coach can assist you in many ways:

  1. Giving you another pair of eyes to see what you may be too close to realize
  2. Offering objectivity when you have lost  perspective
  3. Minimizing the time you spend spinning your wheels and help you develop a Plan of Attack to reach your target more expediently.
  4. Providing clarity for direction which also reduces the obstacles in your path and the mistakes you can make without focus.
  5. Developing a step by step plan towards getting from Point A to Point B more efficiently and with quicker results.
  6. Generate momentum effectively so that you are always moving towards your goal and not stuck in the same place regardless of your efforts.
  7. Identify what direction is really the best for your strengths and skills.

So you want a new opportunity, a different career, a second stream of income, more effective business growth, more clients and obviously more money on the table and less time trying to figure out how to make it happen.

  • Maybe you have been trying some things and you have not realized the results you expected.
  • Maybe you’re tired and disappointed, frustrated and feeling like you are never going to achieve your goal.
  • Maybe you just don’t know where to turn next but you know doing the same thing and getting the same results is hopeless.
  • So maybe it’s time for a new tactic. Because if you have been bringing a knife to a gunfight, you haven’t been very victorious.
  • Maybe it’s time to talk to that career coach and learn how to win the fight with the right tools (ahem, weapon)

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