Your Someday Needs to Start NOW

In the 1989 blockbuster, Field of Dreams, Archie Graham says, “We just don’t recognize life’s most significant moments while they’re happening. Back then I thought, “Well, there’ll be other days”. I didn’t realize that that was the only day.”

Certainly we have all had moments when we tell ourselves, “Someday I am going to_____,” or “ Someday there will be time for___.”

For many people, someday is as elusive as holding time in a jar. Just when we think our someday has arrived, we discover we missed the moment.

You know the drill. You have goals and dreams, aspirations and intentions. A circumstance pulls at your heartstrings, an experience inspires new direction, you hear, see or take part in something that rattles a nerve and more than ever you want to roll up your sleeves and get started.

You want to start that project, compose that music, write that book, teach that course. You’ve heard the voices and believe you can really make a difference. You want more than ever to “build it” so they will come, BUT…

You realize you have a job, a mortgage, a family and a couple hundred of other commitments. NOW does not look like the time to commit to anything more. You curb your passion but not without telling yourself that “Someday” you will be there to take up the ownership of building it again.

Field of Dreams was fictitious and yet touched the hearts of anyone who has ever had a dream. It’s second nature to want your life to matter, your actions to create change, your behavior to have purpose.

When we don’t create that change, realize that purpose or sense that we matter, we make excuses,all types of excuses, from telling ourselves we are not smart enough,old enough,young enough to convincing ourselves the time was off, we need to wait until the children are grown,we save enough money, we finish school,retire,get healthy, relocate or take more time to think it through.

Ray tells his wife Annie in the movie, that his father never did anything spontaneous in his entire life and that he is afraid he is becoming his father.

We do much the same. We see dreams die around us daily, but for some reason we continue to exchange our NOW for Someday.

It’s as though we are cursed with a clock that will never be suitable for growing our purpose.

We resign ourselves to what might have been and continue to wait for the next NOW to become a Someday again.

Our purpose can change at different times of our life but to continue to defer a purpose often results in living in monotony, wondering if that truly is all there is.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard people say, “ I just wish I would have done this sooner,” when they talk about finding the purpose they were meant to live out.

Missing a chance to fulfill a purpose often sets up a pattern of delayed joy, peace and satisfaction. Life becomes a treadmill of more of the same and we realize we have shelved dreams, plans,goals and hopes for a someday that really never gets any closer.

Archie is right. Sometimes today is the only day. Your purpose is calling, but you may have turned a blind eye so many times that you can’t even discern what it is.

Have you been waiting on a someday that has no intention of arriving?

Are you stuck between excuses and a lack of direction about what you are really being called to accomplish?

Did you once want to “build it” but never did and now you hardly know how to put anything together again?

How different would life be if you could harness that purpose and “build it”, “grow it”,“share it”,“live it”?

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Make Your Someday Start NOW. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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