There’s always talk about “Being comfortable in your own skin” or “Beauty being only skin deep.”  We describe people as being “Thick skinned” or “Getting under our skin.” but what is SKIN TO WIN ?

For me, it was simple. SKIN TO WIN  is putting my heart, soul and resources into going after something I truly want.


It’s quite easy to have dreams or goals and yet be ” all talk” when it comes to achieving them. Anytime a person has a specific goal there needs to be a game plan for achieving it. An athlete might get private instruction, push him(her) self on a regular basis and stick to a specific diet and regime to continue to improve. A musician might spend hours practicing daily, get individual instruction from a mentor and learn how to minimize distractions. A new mother might seek support from those with more experience, read everything she can get her hands on, minimize her own wants and needs and become keenly perceptive to the wants and needs of her child in order to be a good parent.

When we have a goal, SKIN TO WIN is nearly relentless. People recognize some things by their skin and some people by theirs as well.

It’s much the same with those who want to leave a day job for a dream job, at least it should be!

Just talking about “someday” is hardly SKIN TO WIN. I’m often amused by people who have been “talking” about starting their dream business for years but continue to make excuses about why they haven’t  yet. No one wins games by talking. It takes action.snake (2)


It may mean carving out time to create your “Jump Ship” plan, giving up some other activities you enjoy to focus on launching your dream, investing in learning from experts, being intentional about what you need to do.

Simply put,

SKIN TO WIN has a price. It involves time, money, resources and spirit, but seldom talk.

If all you are doing is talking about your dream you aren’t planning for a victory or even second place.



You aren’t planning at all, except to lose; to lose out on perhaps seeing your dream become a reality.

The stories of those who succeeded all involved SKIN TO WIN!

So what “skin” have you really put into your GAME PLAN  and if you haven’t, isn’t it time to stop watching on the sidelines and tell the coach to ” put you in” so you can be a “starter” too?


Kathy is a certified career coach and career designer. She can help you develop the Game Plan to go from Day Job to Dream Job. Contact her for a FREE CONSULT.
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