Maybe when you were a little dude or dudette you were afraid of your own shadow, but isn’t it time you learned how to move beyond feat to create your best life now?

My job is to coach people on how to earn a living doing what they love to do.

Some people find learning how to toot their own horn to be a bit like swimming naked. They want to try it and even might just let out a little bit of a whistle but like disrobing half way, they end up never really getting down to the full monty.

Sure self promotion can seem like swimming naked. You can feel vulnerable and awkward or unashamed and relaxed.

It all depends on how it’s done.

Promoting yourself is essential if you want your business to thrive.

Passing out a few business cards at a conference or offering a comment now and then on social medial hardly is going to make you memorable.

I have coached so many people with businesses which had so much potential but were stuck making little to no profit because people simply did not know the right way to market their services or products.

Spending money or time on the wrong kind of marketing or in the wrong social media venue for your business is like swimming naked in shark filled waters or in places where complete nudity is strictly forbidden

There is a right way to market each business and a wasted way.

When I talk with clients who feel awkward about self promotion, I realize it is because society has made us ashamed to flaunt are skills and talents and yet that is exactly what having a thriving business needs.

There is an art to self promotion and it must be learned or your business will stay obscure and ordinary.

Self promotion should not be uncomfortable or unnatural. It should not be difficult or insincere.

Your business is YOUR skin. You HAVE to be comfortable in it.

People don’t care how many degrees you have or how many certifications are hanging on your wall. They care that you are good at what you do and they can expect results from you.

BUT…They need to know about the results and about what you can deliver.

AND…They need to know it in a way that does not sound embarrassed or insecure.

I might not choose to swim naked just any old place but certainly the freedom of being au naturale can be invigorating in the right venue.

What about you? Do you need to learn how to market your services in the best place and in the best way?

What good is a great business if it just exists and doesn’t grow?

You didn’t start your business just to survive, did you? That’s a lot like trying to swim in a teaspoon.

No matter what type of business you have, I can help you make it thrive.

Let me show you how to get “naked” in the big waters.

Looking to move from Day Job to Dream Work?


It will be worth it. I PROMISE!

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This article first appeared on MEDIUM