Pay Me By The Minute

Coaching On Your Terms, Within Your Budget

Want to work with me?

Don’t Want or Need to Do a Coaching Program?


I love to help clients launch their ideas and brand their business but sometimes all people need is some consultative time to talk through some issues whether about discovering their passion, growing a business or developing a great brand.


That’s Why I Developed PAY ME BY THE MINUTE!



(Even if you elect to only purchase a 20-minute unit, you get over 1 hour of my time to help you for just the cost of ONE UNIT with PAY ME BY THE MINUTE)

I won’t be offering this program indefinitely, so HOP ON BOARD, SCHEDULE SOME TIME and LET’S GET YOUR BUSINESS ROCKING IN 2021!

See what people had to say about working with me this way, below!

You Purchase the unit(s) you want and I will send you available consult times for the next 30 days. Consults are all via phone only.



Just Some Nice Things About Pay Me By The Minute People Had To Say:


“This was perfect for me! Without breaking my budget, I was able to tap into Kathy’s expertise to run my ideas about what I wanted to do by her.”Clare Scarano

” I was thinking about quitting my job to start my own company, I worked with Kathy to set up a plan to put the logistics into place to make sure I was on the right track.” – Daniel Wilson

” Loved pay me by the minute. It didn’t break the bank but I got great advice in the areas where I really needed it.”Ginger Green

” I tease Kathy that she is on “retainer” until I am ready to launch my ideas full scale, but Pay Me By The Minute is honestly like having her at my fingertips.”  – MaryEllen Snyder

” I overspent for advice that got me nowhere with some other people. I had two sessions with Kathy with  Pay Me By The Minute and was able to create steps necessary to create a product launch.”Paul Golis

“Worth every penny because you only spend what you need to in order to get assistance or support. I will continue to seek Kathy’s expertise as I grow my business.”- Sharon Lewis

” I had a free 1/2 hr with Kathy and she actually referred me to someone she felt would be a better match for what I needed. She was very honest and I was amazed she was ethical and kept my best interests in mind.”– Lee Carisini

” What’s not to like when you only need to pay for exactly what you want or need? Kathy is so dedicated to helping you resolve issues, she will direct you to the most appropriate resources.” Theresa Lopez

” I started my business while I was still employed full time. I could never have had the transition go so smoothly without Kathy’s expert suggestions. I honestly felt like I had a personal genie to help me get through the roadblocks.” – Simon Dunn

” Everyone told me I would never get great coaching advice unless I committed quite a bit of money for a personal coach. Kathy over-delivered with Pay Me By The Minute as she always does with anything for her clients.” – Veronica Wilkinson

” If you know your business needs help and you don’t do this, you are sabotaging your own success.” -Patricia Novagradik

“I tell everyone who wants to start a business to do this first. It was life-changing for me and made the biggest difference in why I could be competitive.”-Ellen Russell Hughes

” I signed up for several Pay Me By The Minute units every month and in a few months, I was already increasing my profit by more than 50%.”  – Roselyn Studemeyer

” I was just curious and signed up for two units and was amazed at how insightful Kathy was about what I needed to do and then just kept coming back as needed. It was a perfect option for me.– Keisha Jackson

“Every business owner needs to do this!!! I was so pumped at how her advice made a difference in my business and it was so affordable!”Ardenia Velasquez