Crazy? Wonderful? Stressful? Depressing? Magical?

What One Word do you think of whenever you think of this time of the year?

I have discovered that like anything else with too much hype and too little time, we often see Christmas as the year-end event instead of the amazing holiday it was when we were younger.

In fact, as we get older, we tend to miss the magic in a lot of life. WHY?
Because we don’t DECIDE.

We talk about what we will change, what will be different, what we want to stop or start, but often we just talk.We don’t DECIDE how to do what we want to do.

Recently, a good friend was telling me she was online trying to decide which seats were the most appealing for an event she wanted to attend when she received a notice that there were no longer any tickets available. WHY?

She was thinking too much about it and didn’t DECIDE in time.

Last week at dinner with friends,someone debated about whether to have the Special or order his usual. He suggested the waitress take everyone’s order before placing his.Right before he finally placed his order, the waitress was alerted that they were all out of the “Special” (His indecision meant he was going to eat his usual whether he now wanted to or not.)

How many times have you missed out on an opportunity because you couldn’t DECIDE?

It’s one thing to miss the special, miss the event, miss the sale, but quite another to miss an opportunity you may never get back.

Did you miss the chance to do life differently?

Did your indecision cost you more than a little bump in the road?

Did failing to decide mean someone else took your place?

This year if you do nothing else. DECIDE! 
When you DECIDE you commit to something.
When you DECIDE you permit yourself the peace of knowing you will go or stay.
When you DECIDE you get clarity.

Wavering is so old school. Wavering says you lack confidence.
Wavering is immature and impractical.
[Tweet “Everyone can waver. It takes guts to DECIDE.”]

So, this season.  Grab onto that one word and start a new trend.


Once you DECIDE you can start working on the way you want the rest to look like.

Until you DECIDE, there will always be missed opportunities, unmet expectations, increased frustration and internal turmoil.

One Word this coming year can change your life: DECIDE and see if it makes a difference.

Now, what do you want your 2018 to look like? 


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Everyone has a skill, talent, passion, interest, gift that someone else wants. Isn’t it time for you to use yours to create YOUR income stream?


But don’t wait. Like everything else, it will cost you if you can’t DECIDE soon!