Make Your Someday Start NOW

How many times do you find yourself saying, “Someday I want to________.”

Do you feel you are just living your life but really not living it with PURPOSE?

Do you worry about a particular issue or circumstance and feel SOMEONE needs to “do something about it”?

Are you passionate about a situation,idea or event and you want to find way to be part of it?

Have you often wanted to be more instrumental in creating a change but don’t really know what to do first?

Do you feel stuck and stagnant even though you have a desire to do something more?

If you answered Yes! to any of the questions, I created ON PURPOSE, just for you.

My vision is: 

To help people discover what they were always meant to do to make a difference in their own lives and/or the lives of others.

ON PURPOSE is a 5 week program for specifically helping you be the one who lives your purpose instead of just talking about it.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Intensive Weekly Instruction
  • Individual call weekly to discuss your progress and any concerns or obstacles you are facing.

While activities will be given across 5 weeks, all materials are yours to keep and you can work at them at your own pace. Individual calls will also be recorded so you can use it for reference.

But it won’t stop there:

You’ll be introduced to others who took a passion, idea or circumstance and did something ON PURPOSE that changed their lives and the lives of others.

Together, we will walk through the steps to Discover, Develop and Deliver your action plan to live life ON PURPOSE and WITH PURPOSE.

At the end of the Program,You will Have:

  • Clarity on your Unique Purpose
  • Developed a Practical and Purposeful Vision
  • Created an Action Plan that Will Finally Work for You
  • Learned about Resources for Deepening a Purpose
  • Learned Techniques and Strategies Used to Play a Bigger Game
  • Learned how to Grow a team of Influencers, Advocates and Team Players
  • Identified When to Grow, Revamp or Resolve a Purpose

Stop waiting for your someday. Learn how to live life larger and with more purpose NOW.

Before the end of the year,You will have a bigger purpose than you can imagine.You will stop settling for just talking about doing something and you will be able to tell people,”2019 was the year I finally got ON PURPOSE.

Stop waiting for the right time. The perfect time to be ON PURPOSE is NOW.