The Curse of Next Year Will Be Different.

So, you think next year will be different…AGAIN?

Everyone starts out with a level playing field but only those with the best strategies reach the most success.


One loss, one false move, one wrong decision and the chance to have it all might have to wait until “Next Year”. Well, that’s true of college football anyway.

I love college football. I love watching amateurs play with their hearts. I love that they are still green and not motivated by money or fame but mostly just the love of the game. Yes, there are obvious mistakes which the pros seldom make but that’s what makes the game so interesting to me.

Players go into each game hoping for a perfect or near perfect record and a chance for the national championship. So many teams, only one spot and there are often Cinderella stories each year.

Sometimes it’s just a missed kick, bad call or hesitation that removes the chance to move on.

Either way, at the end of the season there’s always, “Next Year” and for some teams, the work to perfect skills so the next year really is better, starts nearly as soon as the current season ends.

Sometimes I meet clients who have been telling themselves “Next Year” for much longer than a season.They finish each year telling themselves next year will be different and begin each new year enthusiastically but before long they find themselves defeated, at an impasse, and then the enthusiasm wanes, the motivation dissolves and the goal of “being different” dead ends into being “more of the same.”

Maybe this is your story.Maybe you are already telling yourself “next year”will be different but what have you done to assure that it really WILL be the year you reach your goal?

Football teams make changes, tweak plays, recruit new blood and develop new strategies but if you just go into 2017 with the same resolve as when you entered 2016 but no official playbook, you might as well just roll over and cry, “uncle” already, because you most likely will end up at the end of 2017 where you are right now; not where you wanted to be.

Without a plan, you’ll just be giving lip service to a year that ends much the same as every previous year.

I’d love to help you make 2017 your most amazing year ever. I know I can help you develop the plan to move from your day job to a dream business so that you won’t be wishing for a different end for 2017.  Check out the testimonials on the site and see how I helped others achieve what was once only a dream. I can show you how to take an idea and create a business around it. I can help you move into work you love instead of a job you hate.

If you already own a business that is not really growing, I can help you get that business moving in the right direction, gaining clients, increasing your revenue and creating the business you always dreamed it could be.

Stop telling yourself next year will be different and start doing something different to assure that.

Get on a complimentary call with me. There’s no obligation and it WILL be something different than you have done before. Start the year getting all the help you can. Let’s do this. Let’s make next year the one that really makes all the difference in your life.

Schedule a FREE consultation and stop saying, “next year will be different” forever and start making it so, today.

I promise to see you on the successful side of 2017!

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Everyone starts out on a level playing field but those with the best strategies reach the most success.

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