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The Curse of Next Year Will Be Different.

So, you think next year will be different…AGAIN? Everyone starts out with a level playing field but only those with the best strategies reach the most success.   One loss, one false move, one wrong decision and the chance to have it all might have to wait until “Next Year”. Well, that’s true of college…

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How About A Slice of Mediocrity?

    “Would you like a slice of Mediocrity, because most people spend their lives happy with that?” Well of course you wouldn’t, but that is just what I was asked by an established business owner after I had just started my first business. My father recommended I ask him to lunch because he was…

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10 Clues You Need to Resign

It’s nearly that time of year again, when people promise, “Next year will be different.” But, if you have been making this proclamation for the past several years then it’s really time to resign yourself to stop talking about it and start creating an action plan to make it so. Here are 9 More Clues…

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    In a few weeks, we will be winding down another year and starting to think about how we want to begin the next one. Many people go into a new year with high expectations and goals; nothing wrong with that, but a study from Scranton University discovered that only about 8% of the…

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2015 The Year of YOU TURNS

I will admit it. I once did think it was selfish and irresponsible to try and get things you wanted. I don’t entertain that idea at all anymore. Oh, I don’t condone blatant “me-ism” and manipulating everyone else so you get your way. I’m not fond of those who insist the only way that matters…

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Wrapping Up Your Presence

Everyone wants to give that perfect present, the one the recipient will remember for many holidays to come. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find the present that tops all presents. One year, I tucked booties into a Christmas Stocking to tell my husband he was going to be a daddy, another year there were…

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The Art of The Pitch

Yes, It’s New Year. Time for a New Start and Yes, it IS important to know how to pitch a product or service, but it is just as important to know how to pitch something that has outlived its usefulness in your life. Sometimes we need to pitch the vast memorablia we collect over the years;…

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I have about 24 hours to decide whether I should wrap the gifts or even finish the last minute shopping. Only 24 hours to decide whether I just should leave all cleaning and cooking behind, forget about the garbage and go on a spending spree.Should the laundry just stay piled up and the dishwasher go…

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