The Myth of All By Myself

Anyone who has ever parented or worked with a young child knows how adamant he/she can become when they don’t want help to achieve a task. Whether it’s trying to reach a water fountain or learning to tie shoes, that line, “I can do it by myself.” can send even the calmest adult into a tizzy.

It takes a great deal of patience and gentle persuasion to let the youngster believe he is being independent while you try to offer assistance. Sometimes it’s not possible to convince a child to accept help. I can still remember having a 4 year old throw a temper tantrum because I tried to help him get into a T Ball uniform that he insisted he could handle himself. The tantrum was bad enough, then there was the interminable wait while he attempted to put his head into his sleeve.

 Needless to say I had to let him know if he was late, he would not be in the line up ( Okay, yes, it was a made up mom thing) but not wanting to miss the game he finally relented and was willing to accept some help getting dressed.

Sometimes independence is a great characteristic but when it interferes with moving forward, it can be an albatross.

People who survive catastrophic incidents often credit the many people who stepped in to assist them in dealing with their new normal.

Ever try to organize a big event? It’s hard to even fathom how to go about it without the assistance of others to help things run smoothly.

Even when learning how to navigate a new experience, it helps to take along a friend or family member for support.

I am always amazed and amused by adults who want to change careers, move into owning a business or start another income stream who react much like the young child in assuming they can do it all themselves.

The truth is…nobody IS an island. Even the most successful business icons learned from models and mentors. Whenever you are starting a new adventure, it truly does help to have the advice, suggestions and support from those who have traveled that road before.

I have. I knew I had to learn new strategies and techniques and I am totally grateful to those who coached and assisted me. Without them, I may still be floundering trying to get my business head going through those proverbial “sleeves”.

Beginning a new chapter in your life is no easy task. Asking for help is a lot like finally admitting you need glasses. You realize you no longer see things clearly or with the perspective you should. That’s when it’s time to contact someone to assist you in gaining clarity and developing the tools and strategies to move you forward.

I can’t even tell you the times I hear clients say they wish they would have reached out sooner.

So what about you? Are you still struggling to make your side business work or to find a career you really enjoy?

Yes, you might be able to do it by yourself…EVENTUALLY, but you also might find the obstacles you have to overcome, the time you wasted and the mistakes you made set you back considerably. Sometimes clients give up a dream for that very reason.

They can’t achieve it by themselves so they tell themselves it is not meant to happen.

Don’t sabotage yourself and miss getting into the lineup because you insist you know how to do everything all by yourself.

It’s a lonely world out there for those who insist on needing no one.Maybe it’s time to accept the help that can make a difference.

Want to learn how to grow a side income or start the business of your dreams from your skills, passions, hobbies?


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