People seldom turn down getting more cash into their hands but there are SIX significant reasons why you should absolutely be thinking about developing a way to earn Money When You Need It.

I’m not talking about mad money or money that’s just fluff.

I’m talking about creating an income stream that allows you to have peace of mind and be able to live at the minimum, a comfortable lifestyle.

I’m also not talking about definitely throwing your day job overboard, although it sure is a plus when you have created the kind of work that allows you to do that if you want to.

I’m talking about creating an income stream you can depend for making Money When You Need It.

Why? Because no one ever says, “I will never need any more money in my life.” and because you can change your future by developing your income stream today.

Why? Because being able to earn Money When You Need It is a lot like preventative financial medicine, without the stress of worrying about market swings or investment strategies.

Here’s Why You Should Create a Way to Get Money When You Need It


1.Employees have never been less certain of continued employment even with a stellar performance review or prestigious title.Companies are bought, sold and dissolved in the blink of an eye. You are expendable. If you are depending on your job as your sole source of income until you no longer work, you need to be making other plans like, yesterday!

2. You may need more money in retirement than you planned for. Medical needs, unexpected auto or home repairs and changes in independence may necessitate additional income on hand.You also might discover you finally have the time to do what you love, so why not make money doing it?

3.Even a perfect marriage hits bumps and some of those bumps might turn into craters or even black holes and when that happens you might be looking at needing a larger income to support yourself or those for whom you are responsible.

4.More jobs are becoming obsolete and those without alternative ways to make income can be left without a viable way to be marketable or even relevant.

5 Even when you love you job, circumstances can make full time employment a hardship. Ask any new parent who needs to leave a child to return to work or someone who needs to provide care for a loved one with medical needs.Being able to earn income without full time employment can make that transition much more palatable and far less stressful.

6.People grow and change.You may discover that the work you once had a passion for is no longer enjoyable.Maybe it is more difficult for you to respond to the physical demand of the job or maybe you have just become bored, stressed or disillusioned by your current work.Without a way to make Money When You Need It, you can only stay where you are whether it is a good fit or not.

So how do you earn Money When You Need It?

You use what you have and GROW WHAT YOU KNOW. 

Most people don’t realize how much income they can make growing a skill, passion, talent or even a cause that pulls at their heartstrings.Most people also don’t realize they don’t need credentials or degrees to build their income stream.

Most people have already convinced themselves they will just “work, retire and live happily ever after”, until one day something they never planned for becomes a sad reality.

Several times a year I offer a 6 week course on Jump Starting a way to create an income stream. I cannot tell you the times I hear people tell me they wish they would’ve taken the course sooner.

The future is unknown. Why let anyone else tell you if, when or how you can earn income?

Life might be nothing short of perfect now, but tomorrow everything could change.

How much less anxiety would you have if you knew you could create Money When You Need It?

Don’t let something you never planned for change everything.

Instead, change everything by planning for something you only dreamed of.

You Can Do This!

Take a look at GROW WHAT YOU KNOW. It’s life changing.

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