At some point in your life, you might realize you have missed a chance you think won’t return.

When you’ve missed the boat it can smack you between the eyes and be a wake up call or it can simply leave you watching from the shore waving bye to a dream that is not going to happen.

At one point, I had a miss the boat moment too. You can read more about it HERE.


  1. Hesitate Waiting for the Right Moment to Get On. Here’s a tip: If the crowd is moving in a certain direction and you want to see what is going on, you have to move too or risk getting trampled on and not seeing it at all.
  2. Read the Wrong Timetable. You think the boat will leave when all the stars align in your life,only to find that you have misread the schedule and won’t be making the trip afterall. Waiting to get on a boat that has already departed is foolish.
  3. Get On the Wrong Ship. Oh, you’re on a boat but it isn’t going to the place you want to be because you weren’t diligent about looking at the ports of call and just assumed you could magically arrange a detour at the right time. This is not the boat you were hoping to take.
  4. Are Trying to Get on at the Wrong Location: the airport, train station, bus stop or subway is not going where you want to go. You can’t sail on a boat unless you’re on the water no matter how badly you want to.

Sure, these are just examples of  why something you wanted did not happen, but they are applicable to many life experiences whether in relationships, careers or personal goals.

Trying to make something work from the wrong perspective is futile.

Did you wait too long to commit to the career of your dreams?

Have you tried to force a business that isn’t going anywhere to improve?

Are you giving a situation everything you have got only to find out that this is not what you really want in the long run?



Waiting for results can be as frustrating as missing an opportunity the first place.

Maybe Your Business Ship Has Not Come In Because:

  1. It Never Really Left Shore. So many people are waiting for something to return that they never launched in the first place. I can’t tell you the people who really have a glorified hobby rather than a business but still think their ship will come in with a bountiful treasure.
  2. It’s Off Course. No ship is going to dock that is stranded without a clear plan on how to move into a secure place.
  3. The Wrong People are Steering It. If you don’t have the right people in place to make your business work successfully, your ship is just going in a circle rather than towards a destination.
  4. You have Ship Malfunctions. You don’t know how to find your clients. You’re stuck trying to compete with your competition. Your delivery model is inefficient. You’re spending money on the wrong things.
  5. You Don’t Know When It’s Time To Return. So many people keep throwing things into their business when they really need to return to shore and disembark, refuel, realign and then determine when to set out on course again.

People who have an idea want to grow it successfully. Those that have started to see it bloom want to make sure nothing will interfere with its growth.

You don’t start a business to have it fail and yet many people try to keep a struggling business afloat with little more than a wish and a prayer.


You don’t save a sinking ship with a teacup.

If you know you have missed the boat about your business or perhaps it’s looking like your ship is never going to come in, make a decision today to finally get on course.

FIX IT…FIrst Aid for a STRUGGLING BUSINESS starts in a week. 


It’s up to you. The waters can be treacherous, the journey intense. You can save yourself or choose to drown.

But, you know what you need to do.

Here’s a lifeline. Let’s Get You On Course and Enjoying the Ride!