Man Overboard! Is it Time to Jump Ship?


The term, “jump ship” once referred to a crew member who chose to leave the rest of the ship’s crew without permission. Today it often refers to someone leaving one job for a different career.

Remember the beginning of 2017? Sure, that year is almost in the mirror. I bet you had all kinds of plans and dreams about what you would do to make 2017 different than the previous year.

Maybe one of those goals was to improve your career or even begin your own business.

You might even have been thinking about that way before 2017 rolled around but if you are like many people, those goals might still be dreams unrealized.

Even with the best of intentions, making big changes in the way we earn our income can be scary, unsettling, disruptive and confusing. Maybe you even wonder if jumping ship is right for you.

As much as you want to do something different, perhaps the reason you haven’t made the move is because you really don’t know if it’s the right time.

Here are 6 Ways to Know that it’s Time to Jump Ship

  1. Doing your job requires a compromise to your ethics or belief system(that’s a huge clue).
  2. You go through the motions to earn an income but really don’t feel any commitment to your job.
  3. The culture of where you work is toxic and makes you uncomfortable.
  4. You are no longer passionate or interested in learning new techniques to help you become better at your job.
  5. You feel miserable, unhappy or often just sad when you are working.
  6. Your skills and talents are not really being challenged or used effectively.

If you often experience any of these at your job, you really need to reconsider how to earn an income

Sure, you have bills to pay and commitments and responsibilities but to continue to work in a position that really goes against everything you believe is a recipe for disaster.

Work should be a part of our lives that contributes to our success and affords us opportunities to improve our lifestyle. Work should never be something we settle for that adds to our stress and impacts our health.

If you have been talking about and waiting to jump ship for longer than you care to admit, ask yourself how much more of your life you are going to waste straddling the fence of happiness because of fear, lack of confidence or because you haven’t created your jump ship plan?

It’s not too late to make 2017 the year you move ahead and never looked back. Sure, you can’t just walk away from income you need but you can begin to plan your exit so that you are ready to jump without worry of drowning.

The best things you can do while working in a job you really dislike are 

  • Identify what you would rather be doing to earn an income
  • Create a concrete plan to bring your goal to fruition by working with a coach who can offer you strategies and options towards reaching your goals quicker and with fewer obstacles
  • Spend a dedicated amount of time daily working towards your jump ship date
  • See your curent career/job as a catapult that can help you move in the direction you want.

If it’s time to jump ship, don’t wait until you drown or it sinks.

Be proactive. Take the leap.


I’ve helped many people “jump ship” and move from their day job to a earning their living doing something they love to do. I’d love to help you take the leap as well. Start by scheduling a no obligation complimentary 45 minute consult and let’s see how we can plan your exit.

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