Are you living the dream or killing yourself trying to?

Recent studies have reported that over half of America’s  single homeless are over age 50!

In March 2018, Bankrate reported that 65% of Americans save NOTHING and are living paycheck to paycheck and many studies reveal that less than 40% of the population have saved enough to even retire at 70!.

Sorry to have burst your bubble if you were hoping this was going to be a light piece about your best days being in front of you!

Truslow Adams in 1931, defined the Great American Dream as, “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

But for many, the dream has become a nightmare.

While American ranks among the richest countries in the world, skyrocketing costs for healthcare, housing, education and transportation suck many Americans dry.

As one of my clients shared with me, ” When I was 42, I thought, in 20 years I will have a great nest egg saved.”

But a health setback, financial crisis due to a long layoff and rising costs to educate her two daughters have left her with less than half of what she was hoping to retire on in just 5 years.

It is possible to cut out expenses and downsize but for many, the reality is that their savings still won’t be that exceptional in the long run unless they really live much more meagerly than planned.

It is a dilemma.

Thirty somethings are trying to save a down payment for a house while paying off huge college debt and still trying to eke something out for retirement

Sixty somethings are trying to recoup from a market crash, wage discrimination and often still paying down their own refinanced debt.

That stress is significant when you read the statistics I just shared, but there is another way to guarantee income.


Seriously, Most people have skills, passions, interests and insights that could be earning them income but they are so busy working they never think about how to earn income when they are not.

I work with all types of people looking to increase their income.

Some want to remain employed full time and just grow some side income.

Some want their business to replace their job and become their sole avenue for earning money.

Some just want to be able to pay off significant debt.

Some honestly just want to see if they can really make money doing what they enjoy doing anyway!

The reasons someone becomes an entrepreneur are  varied but one factor remains.

[Tweet “Once people realize the potential to earn income doing something they enjoy doing, they don’t stop until they no longer enjoy doing it.”]

One of my clients was 61 when she began her little side business making homemade jams, jellies and ice cream toppings. Nine years later she is making more money than when she retired at 58, fulfilling orders for specialty gift baskets across the country. Now 70, she could stop anytime she wants to but as she told me, “Why would I? I’m going to do this anyway and it gives me something to do with my time until my grandchildren visit!”

It’s a win/win for her!

You can NEVER be too old to earn more money!!

Many entrepreneurs can earn residual income without really investing much. Yes, there is a strategy regarding how to get your business to the level that it really makes money for you, but learn that strategy and you can keep yourself from having that nightmare over and over.

Most people don’t know how to grow their talents and passions into revenue generating vehicles.

They have an idea but really don’t know the fastest and most strategic way to position it for ongoing growth.

They talk a good talk and think a good dream but they get stuck on  delivering their product or service in a way that will generate  the kind of income they dream about.

That’s why I created GROW WHAT YOU KNOW.  It’s a course for people who either are trying to generate income now as well as for those who want a plan in place for when they need more income later.

GROW WHAT YOU KNOW can keep you from becoming a statistic. Start in your 20’s or in your 60’s, either way you can set the rest of your life on a path of better stability.

Maybe it is impossible to save for retirement much less a rainy day from what you are earning at your job, but it won’t be if you are earning that extra income doing what you love to do.

I can show you how to start earning income so you can retire some of your debts, stash away some extra cash and/or leave your current work situation before this year’s end.


It’s a choice. Keep on hoping your rainy day won’t arrive or invest in an umbrella and be prepared. Everyone thinks, ” It’s just rain until they have been soaked to the bone, get pneumonia and die”

GROW WHAT YOU KNOW...Living the Dream.