Living in Your Designer Genes

You have designer genes.I am sure of it. Everyone does, but like most people, I really didn’t discover mine in a way I imagined I would.

What are designer genes?

It might be a skill that comes so naturally you barely realize its uniqueness.

It might be an obsessive passion that distracts you or a talent that comes out in every situation.

Or those designer genes might lead you to a much desired goal fulfilling a dream.

Your designer genes can be quiet and subtlety persistent or demanding and constantly nagging for your attention.

I remember how I discovered my designer genes.I thought I would have discovered them as a young graduate about to begin a paid professional career, but it wasn’t then.

It wasn’t when I won a writing contest in college or when my first book was published.It wasn’t even when a best selling author who I had never met wrote the foreword.

It wasn’t when I was invited to speak at national events or when I was interviewed for radio or TV.

Those were special opportunities but not ones that really tapped into my designer genes.

But, many years ago, when my friend dreamed of opening an art gallery and I helped her do just that,something was awakened and now working with a middle aged single mother who has gained enough confidence to leave a miserable job and start her dream business I know I am using my designer genes.

I recognize I have as much of a passion to help others launch a dream as I have for myself.

My designer genes are to help others discover and optimize their designer genes.

Have you determined what your designer genes are? Are they playing a part in your life?

Sometimes our designer genes evolve through a job, sometimes they show up in a hobby or specific interest. Your designer genes might keep pulling you to a specific issue that moves your heart and soul or they might be lurking quietly in an unsuspected activity waiting for you to acknowledge them.

But they are there!

Every person has a specifically “designed” purpose.Often when people are frustrated at their job, unhappy in their relationships or discontented with their current situation it’s because they haven’t really fired up their designer genes and created a plan for optimizing those genes in their lives.

In his article,The psychology about why we want to change the world”, Mark Fishbein quotes from the author Matt Ridley’s book, The Origins of Virtue.“Living things are designed to do things that enhance the chances of their genes or copies of their genes surviving and replicating,” 

You’ll enjoy much more of your entire life when you are in touch with your designer genes and you allow them to bloom.

Have you been thinking that maybe it’s time to really develop an action plan for your life and start getting in touch with what you were meant to truly do?

It might be a career, business, hobby or activity.

It might be a book you are meant to write, a charity you are meant to start, a business you were cut out to develop or even an action you were born to take.

That’s why I have created ON PURPOSE, a 6 part online course coming this Fall. Because until you really use your designer genes,you miss the best of your life.

Have you discovered your designer genes?

Are you using them in a way that fulfills you?

Want to talk more about how to grow your idea into a revenue stream? Sign up for a Complimentary 45 minute Consult.  

Stop waiting. Start creating. It’s Your Call!


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