When Knowing is the Entire Battle

Scary little varmint isn’t it? I should know and knowing has been the entire battle.
A little over a month ago, we needed our air conditioner replaced.My husband decided that since the furnace was just as old, he would replace them both.Two men arrived and one worked installing the air conditioning unit outside while the other was up in my attic installing the furnace. When the repairman who was working up in the attic was finishing up,he reported he hears squeaking coming from a corner of the attic.

Now I don’t like ANY types of pests and I have my house treated regularly because I live in the hot, humid South where we refer to roaches as Palmetto bugs and grow them as large as hamsters, so I never want to take any chances.I had an appointment for a treatment a few days later.

Pest control person arrived and I shared about the squeaking and showed him some droppings I had seen below my porch. He tells me it is BAT guano. BATS! Then he proceeds to share that most likely half our neighborhood has a bat somewhere in their attics!

So now I knew what was squeaking in my attic. I also knew I wanted to move from the home I loved!

A few days later my husband was sitting in our family room when he heard quite a racket from what seemed to be up on the roof.He went out onto our porch to see what he could discover and when he came in he told me he saw about 30(YES THIRTY…30)bats exiting the soffit above the roof line for that room.

Now I knew there was not just one bat but pretty much an entire colony using the space above my family room.

I was terrified of bats dropping from my ceiling( they don’t) and called a widl life expert who arrived within 48 hours to tell me he could get rid of the bats but unfortunately not until after August 15th.You see, bats are a protected species.They have their babies between May and July and the babies must be old enough to fly before they are relocated so it is illegal to remove bats before then.(just my luck!)

Now I knew I was going to be terrifed for a few more weeks and I not only had a colony but they were multiplying.

I slept poorly for several nights, constantly thinking a bat was going to fly around my room. I ducked around corners, left bright lights on and refused to sit out on the deck or porch after dusk. I would barely squeeze through any door I opened ( you should try this with an arm load of groceries!) and the worst was my master bathroom. You see my husband was remodeling it and already had taken down some walls and removed some plasterboard so I couldn’t even relax in the shower thinking those bats were going to rain down on me.

Then  a friend reminded me the bats had been there no doubt for awhile. She also reminded me that none descended into my home the entire 5 hours my attic door was open while the man was working on the furnace and she reminded me bats really don’t typically harm people unless they are cornered. ( You best believe I am not going to corner one).

So, yes, I know some things I didn’t before. It has made me constantly look up inside closets, ceilings, porch overhangs, places I have NEVER seen bats, but you know, just in case.

It still freaks me out but I am sleeping better and honestly have not had one bat inside because I also know that’s not where they want to be either. I also know in less than 2 weeks my bats will be gone(but who’s counting several times a day everytime I pass that calendar?)

It’s like that with many things. Once we confirm our ideas, suspicions or thoughts, it changes how we react. Once we know that something is “for sure” we become a bit more obsessed with it. Many times that’s how a movement, foundation, charity or even business gets started.

Often we find our purpose in the things that chronically occupy our thoughts.One of my neighbors had a huge closet full of professional clothing she seldom ever wore. Several years ago she began contributing her clothing to Every Woman Works. Whenever she realized how much that clothing meant to women who were trying their best to turn their lives around, my neighbor started organizing drives each season to collect professional clothing for those in need.Now many of my neighbors have cleaner closets and have given someone else a chance. Because once you know it changes everything.

When my client,Claire Wolfe realized how one little handicapped girl in her neighborhood desperately wanted to take dance lessons, she talked with her daughter’s dance teacher and together they are creating a program for multiply handicapped youngsters to participate in a dance program. Because once Claire knew she knew she had to do something about it.

Once my friend’s fourteen year old son, (Adam Fischer) realized how many pets got left behind with no place to go when a family relocated,he began rounding up his friends and the friends of his parent’s to donate food, blankets and even medicine to shelters that took in these animals.Adam is putting the wheels into motion to create a non-profit as a result.Because Adam was moved by something he learned and knowing about it changed everything.

Once you know. Everything is different. 

Maybe you know something now that is tugging at your heartstrings, constantly taking over your thoughts, causing a battle in your mind wanting something to be done about it.

And now that you know, maybe you are the person who should do it!

This Fall I will be launching a program to help people take the steps to start a purpose they know needs starting. I hope if you realize something now that has made you feel differently and react passionately, you will join me for ON PURPOSE.

How many times have you been thinking about that cause, issue or circumstance that needs addressed because now you KNOW about it and knowing changes everything?

By the way, my bats are being “relocated” after August 15th and no, that is not one of my bats in the picture, had I known it was, I would have relocated myself!

Kathy Brunner is a career coach who specializes in helping people move from day jobs to dream jobs as entrepreneurs. Want to see if she can help you grow your idea into a second stream of income or a new business? Schedule a complimentary consult today!

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