It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

We’ve all been in that place where what seemed like a good idea at the time ended up being one we regretted later.

I was looking over some photos last week and came across a picture of my cousin who was about 6 at the time. He was wearing a cast up to his thigh on his left leg; the result of rigging up several structures, included if I recall correctly, a wagon, a bushel basket and some type of long board on top of a mound of dirt, so he could “fly” off the top, pretending to be his favorite super hero. His idea, although not exceptional for a 6 year old boy, landed him in the emergency room, with a leg broken in two places.

I wasn’t immune to an idea that wasn’t so well thought out either. When I was about 7, I   wanted to have a lemonade stand with a friend of mine. Always the “step ahead” entrepreneur, I decided that to attract more people we should offer lemonade AND Popsicles for a slightly higher price. Oh, we attracted several customers, however, I had forgotten how quickly frozen Popsicles would melt on a warm day and while I place them in a cooler, I neglected to put in any ice! I found out rather quickly no one wanted a half melted Popsicle with their glass of lemonade.

Entrepreneurs sometimes look back on their business and wonder if it just seemed like a good idea at the time. When you are not getting clients or growing your business, when your revenue stream is starting to dry up or worse, when you can’t even attract a few clients let alone the volumes you dreamed about, you begin to wonder if you had such a great idea after all.

In many cases, the idea is not the problem, but rather the plan and it’s execution that was not well thought out. Sometimes a business is drowning in defeat but more because of what an entrepreneur does or doesn’t do than because the idea was poor.(After all, the Wright Brothers wanted to fly as well, they just thought of better options to accomplish it!).

Recently I offered an 8 week tele-course called Fix It…First Aid for a Struggling Business. I worked with several business owners who had some reservations about whether they made appropriate choices when trying to launch and sustain their business. Some had regrets about even trying to start their business, but what many discovered is that their ideas were not poor but rather their plan of execution was missing vital steps to make their business successful. ( You can read what the people who took the live course thought here!)

I see this all the time. People with great, often novel ideas, not making any money or getting any clients. Maybe this is you!

If you are ready to quit or wonder why you even started your business in the first place, If you are still trying to figure out how to make your business profitable and growing, If you are trying everything you know and you are still not making sales, maybe your business needs to fix some things too.

I’ve put together the same telecourse modules into a self guided course you can work through at your pace on your time frame to help you turn your business around.


Until the end of February, this is your chance to finally get to the bottom of why your business isn’t really thriving and get it back on track and growing.

On March 1, the price goes up.

To sweeten the deal a bit more, since it was just Valentine’s Day and I do love my peeps,  I’ll throw in my book, FINDING YOUR FIRE at no cost to everyone who purchases within the next 48 hours.

So what are you waiting for?

I can’t help you unless you really want to make your business all better.

If you ARE serious about finally taking your business seriously and making it profitable stop rigging up what doesn’t work and learn to fly the best way. Let’s Do This!



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