When you shop are you a check the price tag kind of person? Even if you truly love something, do you typically look at the price? I do and I think most people I know do much the same thing.

So how do you decide if something is worth it?

Do you think about how often you will use it or wear it?
Do you justify whether you deserve it based on how much you have worked for it?
Do you determine its value based on how popular it is with the masses?

I believe everything we invest in should be worth it.

Here are 8 Ways to Determine If What You Invest in is Worth It

1. Does it meet a need you have?(You might pay almost anything for medicine if it would truly make you feel better.)
2. Does it add value to your current circumstance(remodeling may net you more for your home when you sell, or a new certification may get you a larger paycheck)
3. Is it something that makes your life easier (having a washing machine in your home means you aren’t wasting time at the laundromat)
4. Will it change your perspective (removing scars and paying for a personal trainer can be life-changing)
5. Will it have a positive or negative domino effect in other aspects of your life?
6. Will you have to give up anything essential to justify its purchase?
7. Do you regret not spending money on something similar in the past?
8. Will investing in it help you reach your goals?

Once you ask those questions, it’s often easier to decide if what you invest in is truly worth it?

Whether a concert, trip or major purchase, sometimes the experience is so worth it regardless of the cost.

While no one would advocate just throwing money at every whim, I know many people who truly regret missing opportunities that they will never get back.

[Tweet “It costs more when you miss an opportunity you won’t get back than it does to spend the money for it.”]

I feel that way about coaching. I debated long and hard about whether coaching was right for me. Several years ago, I assumed that owning another business would set me up for success in this one.
(You know, it’s a lot like assuming because you could take care of a puppy, you could be a good parent).

What I realized is that a good coach learns from another good coach and the investment I made paid off handsomely.

Maybe you have been thinking for some time that if you had the extra money, you would use it to work with someone who could help you grow your business idea,get more clients or simply point you in the direction of how to earn additional income doing what you love.

I’ll let you in on a big secret. YOU WON’T EVER HAVE EXTRA MONEY!! There will always be something you determine has a higher priority.

We don’t have “extra money”. We have resources that we choose to allot to things. If it’s extra you should just give it away since you don’t really need it anyway.

So, you have to decide how to invest those resources. You have to ask yourself if what you invest in will improve your life, help you reach your goals, make your life easier, add value to your current circumstances or meet a need.

Then you have to turn the calendar page to the new year and invest in what is truly worth it this year.

I know coaching is, and so do many of my clients.

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Make next year different. Determine what is really worth it.