We all want to be remembered fondly or even with deep regards. Most people want to leave a legacy that others want to emulate or at least strive to pattern.

But, what makes some lives triumphant while others simply are here and then gone?

I think it is as much about who you are invested in as what you are invested in.

I think it is as much about being deep as being transparent and I think it also is a great deal about seeing yourself through another’s eyes.

Yes, we might think those with a Mic Drop life are the ones who are selfless, unassuming, and dedicated to helping other’s while changing the world. But, let’s face it, few people really feel called to model a life of Mother Theresa.

I know several people who have lived a Mic Drop life without question. Some didn’t necessarily choose it but accepted circumstances and rose above to live a life of great accomplishment.

For example, I know a woman who put her own career on hold when her stepson developed a very serious disease. She has spent decades carrying for this child-adult with patience, kindness and even joy. She changes his diapers, reads him stories, takes him out on various excursions. It wasn’t the life she planned but it became the life she accepted without reservation and she makes sure her stepson’s life is as fulfilled as it can be despite his circumstance.

Another family I know has survived a horrendous crime to become advocates for reform and support for others facing similar circumstances. They truly did create a message from their mess.

But, I also know people I admire who are simply living their best life by choice.

They are not necessarily volunteering 40 hours weekly, opening their home to strangers, demonstrating for civil rights or anonymously paying bills for those less fortunate.

NO! These are people who can be counted on to have your back or be there for you when needed. These are individuals who think about how to make life better for others simply by sending a sweet note in the mail, delivering a great meal when you are swamped with work or just kindly looking out for you because they genuinely care about the well being of friends and neighbors.

You can lead a Mic Drop life without much sacrifice by simply being the kind of person you admire. It’s simple things that make the difference. Mow your neighbor’s lawn while they are at work, pay for someone’s meal or fill a gas tank, rescue an animal, transport someone to treatment, even pray for someone’s circumstance.

A Mic Drop life simply means your life was well lived, well rounded and well played.

You don’t need to be rich, famous or sell all your possessions and join a missionary group. You don’t need to rally to every cause or volunteer for every noble circumstance. You just need to discern when YOU would be the best person to take action, however small it may be.

As a coach, I often tell clients that what makes a Mic Drop business is often the same as what makes a Mic Drop life: integrity, compassion, generosity and gratefulness.

Yes, there are companies everyone knows of that give millions to charity. There are companies that give some of their products away each time one is purchased. but I have recently had experience with two that demonstrate the difference between a Mic Drop company and just another business.

Several months ago, I purchased a rug from a well know online home product store. After three months, I noticed it was snagged in many places, and the threads were starting to unravel. Thinking it must be defective, I called the company. The person I spoke with indicated that I may have been using a vacuum that was too agressive for the carpet but immediately offered to replace it with a new one and told me the other was mine to do whatever I chose with as there was no need to return it!

Turns out, it most likely was the vacuum and not the carpet as switching vacuums seems to have abated the problem even with the first carpet. However, how delightful it was to get a brand new carpet without even paying shipping costs because the company thought I was valuable to keep as a customer. MIC-DROP!

Two weeks ago, an LED light component went out in my refrigerator. I have a home warranty company so I called them and before they would even send a service technician out when I explained the light was out, they immediately said. “Lights are not covered” and that was that. The refrigerator is less than 3 years old.

We contacted another service technician on our own and paid for his visit. He informed us that although the LED lights were out, the cause was a control panel that actually needed replacing. We talked to a supervisor at the home warranty company who assured us, they did indeed cover control panels.

However, when they sent a service technician out, we were told they would not cover the product. Again, another phone call, another supervisor and now the tune was they didn’t cover anything that had to do with lights. Home warranty has now been cancelled as this company was so far from a Mic Drop company they don’t even manage a 2-star rating online!

So, the tale of two companies. One with performance above expectations and another that could not even keep a commitment once they said they would.

Doesn’t take much to Mic Drop your life or your business.

The easiest thing to do is remember to treat others exactly like you want to be treated if you were in their shoes. Then all the rest will come easier and you will have lived a life and/or run a business like the best of them!

Give the best of you in all your circumstances. No one can ask for more.

Mic Drop!

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This post was originally published on MEDIUM.