Grow What You Know

Here's Why They Loved It!

” I just finished Grow What You Know and should’ve done this ages ago. Kathy taught me how to set up programs and activities to teach others the sewing and quilting skills I have and I had clients signed up before I even finished the course.” Amy Vaughn


” As a classroom teacher for many years, I knew I had specific skills I could teach others but I never knew how to package them and advertise my services effectively. After participating in Grow What You Know, I am well armed to start a business teaching computer skills and training for the digital age to both youngsters and adults.”  Mary Elizabeth Troutman


” I’ve been laid off from my job at a financial institute and had always thought about starting a business teaching others how to work on their own cars, which I have done since I was a teenager. Grow What You Know gave me the right steps to create a business doing what I love. I may not ever go back into finance!”  Jack Winston


“Kathy has a knack for mapping out the best steps to take for each unique idea. I had clients ready before I was done with the course.”  Madelaine Blazynski


” Everyone knows how to do something but not everyone knows how to set it up so it is a business model and you can earn income from it. I’ve been playing at photography for years, but I know the best way to earn money doing this now and can use it as an income stream while I am attending college.”  Char Amendola


” Never thought I would be earning income after I retired but my daughter suggested I enroll in Grow What You Know because I have always been the “Go To” baker in our family. Turns out I can earn a pretty nice income teaching my baking skills to people. My first class is in April and I am thrilled that it is already FULL”   Barbara Bennett


” I had several skills but Kathy helped me determine which would be a viable business model and I never realized what good money I could earn as a parent advocate for special needs children. By the 4th week of the course, I had a list of parents who were interested in using my services!”   Jackie Sloan


” Don’t wait! Learn how to take what you know and create income showing others how to do it!. I did and I was even skeptical at first, but Kathy really knows her stuff.”  Jeslyn Ashu


“Grow What You Know” ended up being just what I needed to help me start my consulting business. I didn’t ever imagine I could get clients as easily as I did but Kathy knows how to help you find your niche market and develop the strategies to grow a business.”  Francis A. Hunter


” I’m not just the person who  KNOWS how to fix things anymore. I’m the person who makes MONEY from what I can do and what I can teach others to do. Loved Grow What You Know. Very practical and effective in helping me get me up and running.”  D. Anthony Miles


” I work full time and constantly thinking about what I could do to earn more income and maybe go part-time or not stay at my job at all…I took GROW WHAT YOU KNOW in January and made my monthly salary ALREADY!!!!. Don’t wait. SO WORTH IT!!”  Janice Armstrong


Had a little side thing for a bit but it wasn’t really earning much. Learned how to promote and kick it in gear and nearly doubled my income in 3 weeks!”    Micah Sole


” At first I thought, how could you really learn all that much to grow an idea in a few weeks. Boy, was I wrong. I learned so much I didn’t realize I needed to do to really ramp up my business.”  Celeste Jackson


“Wanted to get this little gig of mine started for like a lifetime and now I have a business up and running. Kathy is so supportive and informative. She focused on what mattered to me.”   Sandra Leczynski


“At the end of the course, Kathy asked us what the best part it was for us. EVERYTHING, I said. I can do this while at my full time job until I can make it my full time business!”.  Okeina Rouele


“Everybody knows something they can grow into an income stream. Unless you don’t care about earning more money, this is the best way to learn how to make money doing what you love doing.”  Patrick Finney