See this little rodent? Ever feel just like him? Tired huh?

Ever start your day and before you finish that first cup of java or start your car you feel exhausted?

Sure, I’ve been there. Sometimes it feels redundant.

Having a dream and trying to launch it can be much like that. You pull your weight and knock yourself out and realize at the end of the day, it just looks like you’re going nowhere fast.

And you know why? Because you are!

This is especially true if you are like most people and trying to launch a dream while desperately just trying to stay afloat in life.

Maybe you have a family and/or full time job. People are depending on you. You have a mile high list of expectations you or someone else put on your platter and you are juggling just about all the plates you never wanted to carry.

You tell yourself that someday it will be different.

Someday the kids will be grown, the bills will be paid, the countless other trivia that takes every last bit of energy from you will evaporate and you will finally have a clear shot at your destination.

Guess what?

That is not going to happen. Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not ever.

Yes the kids will be gone and the bills might be paid and even your juggling act might be reduced to fewer cups and saucers but that doesn’t mean you still won’t be going nowhere fast.

Our lives are paced, at best, by circumstances often out of our control. We can’t know what the future holds but we can decide that we won’t keep running the race in the wrong direction.

You might even have all the right running equipment but you’re still going nowhere fast.

Yes, You’re doing that.

You do that whenever you continue to try and start over and over and it never materializes.

You do that whenever you make excuses about why there are too many obstacles in your way.

You do that when the life you have or the business you own becomes stuck and you keep doing the same old things in the same old ways to try and fix it.

And you definitely do that when you resign yourself to whatever you don’t want because what you do want isn’t happening.

I see it all the time. People who have great ideas, start good businesses, have impressive skills and then they get in the wheel of life and run a race with no destination and keep going and going and going.


Wouldn’t you rather be moving towards your dreams than around them?

Isn’t taking one step in the right direction better than a half mile in the wrong one?

You have to decide when to stop going no where fast and start relying on a map, a strategy, a plan, a GPS that gets you to where you really want to be.

I’ve coached people who have tried to start an idea for years to finally launching their dreams. I’ve worked with business owners who were thinking of shutting their doors and helped them learn how to grow their profits instead of wasting time and money on what is not working and I’ve taught people how to juggle plates more efficiently without constant panic and anxiety.

I’ve helped people get somewhere, sometimes fast, sometimes slower, but at whatever pace they are comfortable.

I’ve helped them out of the wheel and onto the roadway; from round and round to moving forward.

Going no where fast can kill dreams and goals and a lot of life you will never get back.

Things will not change on their own. You have tried that.

Stop struggling with juggling.

Start knowing and growing.

No matter what you want to change in your life, it’s not in the wheel. It’s not moving without reaching your destination.

And it’s definitely not about speed.

So if you want to change direction, careers, business growth, momentum. Let’s Talk.

You have to get out of the wheel and into the world. You have to get the ideas out of your head and into action.

You have to get your business out of the mud and into the money.

You have to stop trying to win a race you will never win, going no where fast.

Deep breath. New plan. New route.

If you’re going to go…GO SOMEWHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

I know, it’s not NoWhere Fast.!


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