Finding Your Founder Story

In the movie, The Founder, Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc the entrepreneur who created the chain of McDonald’s restaurant.Kroc was an ordinary salesman who had a vision of how to take a single McDonald’s and automate it for expansion.

Some see Kroc as ruthless, self-serving and conniving, but if you look closer what you will see is a man with a laser focused vision of what could be something bigger.

Think back over a time you saw an opportunity for something to move forward but decided you weren’t the one to do that.I have had my own can honestly say there is  a moment of reckoning in sitting back and waiting for someone to take the lead that will drive clarity into your soul.

Once you have missed the opportunity, you seldom will let another pass you by.

Now, I am not suggesting you become ruthless and develop a renegade attitude when it comes to growing a business, but I tell many of my clients that most new businesses are offsprings of some other person’s failure to expand or move into a new arena.

Think about some of these:

Car Washes

Beauty Salons



Many have all evolved into:

Car Care Centers

Beauty Spas,

Academic Coaching Centers

Specific Child Care and Educational Settings

People saw an opportunity and grew it.

That’s what Finding Your Founder story is all about.

We don’t just take our dogs to a kennel anymore. Now there are doggie daycares!

We don’t go to the local market just to buy food, but can learn how to prepare recipes and take classes in eating more nutritionally!

We don’t just put an advertisement into the newspaper and hope to get customers, we become a social media machine!

Ever wish you could start a business or even grow a side income but feel like you have no great ideas?


Your Founder Story is closer than you think.

Here are 5 tips to finding your Founder Story.

  1. Get a notebook and look at all the businesses you visit within a week. What do you really wish they could provide?
  2. List what’s wrong with some of the businesses you patronize and how you would “fix” those drawbacks.
  3. Identify 3-5 ways you could build on an exisiting business theme. ( E.g. Know someone who owns a vet practice? Do they also offer pet training or adoptions?)
  4. What idea have you heard someone mention they wish would come to fruition that you think you could make possible?
  5. What can you do quicker, more skillfully and with more intention than others who actually earn a living doing the same?

While I’m not suggesting stealing a colleague’s idea or creating a conglomerate competition, I know many people miss the obvious when it comes to finding their Founder Story; they simply don’t look at what’s right under their nose and make it better!

More new businesses are created around businesses that already exist but were taken a step or two further.

You know you have had ideas you never followed through with and perhaps if you had you would be sitting on a nice stash of case today.

Ray Kroc might be seen as callous and manipulative to those who aren’t really business saavy but to an entrepreneur, Ray was a game changer.

Everyone has a bit of game changer in their soul as well. What will you do with yours? 

The worst thing you can do is let the idea in you become the game changer someone else does.


Be like Ray. Take an idea to the next level. Start your Founder story before someone else tells it as theirs.


Kathy Brunner is a certified career and business coach. Schedule your 45 Minute Complimentary Call with her today and see if she can help you launch your Founder Story.

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